Hairstyling Trends for 2016:

Aakriti Kochar, beauty & make-up expert, Oriflame India guides you to perfect hairstyle tips for 2016

  1. Twist it up: Ditch dressy buns instead opt for casual twisted buns this new year. This is something one can do at home and doesn’t need to be a professional to do it. Yet it is clean and chic to match both Indian and western attire
  2. She Bangs: No longer fear those bangs, opt for switches / extensions to sport these on the days you like without trimming your hair. Front heavy bangs to swept across forehead, bangs are definitely making a big come back in 2016
  3. Neat braids: Stepping away from the loose, bohemian messy braids to neater, cleaner braids this season. Neater braids have subtle texture and can be worn with day time dresses and to work.
  4. Tuck it up: Tuck your hair naturally into a leather tie, or a ribbon like how one causally tucks hair into their jackets in winters. This way you sport a good hair accessory and don’t look over done also
  5. Statement hair pieces / accessories – Whether straight or curly, keep your hair simple when open and dramatize with a statement hair accessory like a feather jewelry or flowery head band.
  6. Low Pig tails – Pig tails from school days were popularly seen on runaways is an upcoming trend for 2016. Tie them low and close together, embellished with a statement hair piece can be smartly worn in the evenings with dresses, gowns or jumpsuits.
  7. French twist with a makeover – Wear a French twist with an accessory, this can be mid length and low with a bow or ribbon, one may even choose to twist the leave the ends loose
  8. Leather it up: Leather bands, accessories with simple hair ties, knots, slick straight hair and even curly can be sported this coming year in solid colors. It has definitely replaced the gold options
  9. Pinned Slick Straight hair – Deep side parts in straight hair,twists, and side bags neatly pinned behind the hair look feminine and chic with almost everything from evening dresses, to casual’sshorts, denims, boyfriend shirts.
  10. Tie half up – Our teenage favorite half up and half down looks can be experimented with small strands, tiny braids or twisties being tied up half way at the back
  11. 60’s bouffants – Bouffants are an all-timefavorite since 60’s whether it be to glam it up on a special occasions and dress up even the simplest of dresses. These look great and shout confidence. The idea is to back comb your crown area and team up with the half tie up trend or pull out those slick bangs front ways or side swept.
  12. Soft crimps – Crimps are very popularly seen on the ramp every year, these look very soft and girly
  13. Faux bob – Not everyone wants to chop their hair and sport a bob, which is why fake bobs are popularly. Tie your hair with a hair tie or ribbon into a loose ponytail, roll up this ponytail and tuck it inside to make a bob

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