The ‘Superhero’ Of Bars Is Here To Save The Day With The Mantra: Drink More. Pay Less.

After a long time Pune was Buzzing and how!

outside al fresco section

Well I am talking about the launch of Bar Bar, India’s 1st Bar with Wholesale Pricing at Phoenix Marketcity Pune. The launch night saw an amazing blend of audience, where each one of them was just enjoying the fanatical vibe of this place.  This concept is brought to us by Bellona Hospitality, the F&B arm of Phoenix Mills Pvt Ltd, who brought you people-centric concepts like212 All Day Café & Bar and Shizusan, The Asian Bistro.

We are so in love with this place! The more people you are, the less you PAY! The more you drink, the less you PAY! To top it all, they have Happy Hours throughout the day!!!


The best part of the whole deal is, it is right in the most happening Mall of Pune, Phoenix Marketcity. BAR BAR is a 90-seater gastropub, the space is divided into two areas; a large al fresco section that overlooks Liberty Square, the newly renovated central courtyard and an inside seating with an urban chic vibe, a bustling bar display, bar seating for those who enjoy being in the midst of the action and five large tables.  The wall art and bottle installations are suggestive of the concept with funky messaging revolving around ways to return home with a heavier wallet. The al fresco seating is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors – breezy and spacious. Dark purple and industrial steel complemented by pop candy coloured characters are the prominent hues at BAR BAR – showcasing the multiplicity of the brand’s personality.

Now let’s get to the concept of BAR BAR.

Imagine having to wait for Happy Hours!

Imagine youngsters avoiding going with a large crowd, with the fear of the MEGA BILL!

Imagine you go with a group of friends to a bar, some order an expensive drink, while some order just a regular beer. When it comes to the bill, the entire group has to dutch. The thoughts going in our head would be, why will a person who is just drinking something worth 200, pay 500! Not fair!



THE GOAL IS TO HIT MWP ~ Maximum Wholesale Price

  • The more drinks on the table, the less everyone pays. Simple. So, the only thing that goes home sober is your wallet. At BAR BAR we have created alcohol categories for likeminded drinkers such as Popular, Premium and Luxury – which contains a selection of spirits: whisky, vodka, rum, gin to even liqueurs. If the entire group sticks to a category and orders at one go, you can hit MWP (Maximum Wholesale Price).At MWP you can get drinks as low as Rs 99.
  • BAR BAR breaks through the clutter of ‘Happy Hour’ offerings which are limited to a few hours, and usually come with a long list of hidden terms and conditions including a limited offering in brands.
  • At BAR BAR you create your own deal whenever you want: You can make Every Hour Happy at this gastropub with no limitations in choice. So all Punekars, make BAR BAR your go-to place for a quick drink, your after-work joint, pre-game spot and weekend hang-out with friends.
  • The menu includes classic spirits available in across categories; cocktails served in unique measuring cylinders making for a fun experience – standout feature. Signature Cocktails including Hawaiian, Italian Mule, Mexican Mary and many morecome only in 2 generous sizes: 250ml and 500ml.The cocktails come served in measuring beakers for the added fun quotient. Even Draught Beer is served in 2 sizes only: 500ml and 1000ml priced at a stellar rate of Rs195 and Rs375.

270416-BAR BAR MENU-01

Sigh! Check out this one! A dedicated section to everyone’s favorite potent cocktail: the Long Island Iced Tea with different variations like The Lynchburg with Jim Beam; Beer Nesse with Gin, Honey & Lager; BAR BAR LIIT and others. Served in 500ml and 1000ml.

Long Island Iced Teas

NOM NOM NOM….. Hungry kya?

Fun Food! Easy –to-eat Food! Kick-ass modifications done to street-style food!

Stodge is clearly seen across the categories of ‘Toasties’: the classic street side sandwich made in cast iron toasters filled generously with quirky stuffings of Mac & Cheese, Kung Pao Chicken, Samosa Toastie and others. The rest of the food menu has a dedicated section of ‘Potato’ favourites including stack of the perennial Sindhi favourite, Mrs Bar’wani’s Aloo Tuk.‘Wraps’ made from Malabari Paratha Rolls stuffed with grilled chicken strips, masala omelette and a bunch of other fillings. A section dedicated to ‘Eggs’ playfully referred to as Laid Recently with frittatas benedicts, etc. The standout feature: BAR BAR ‘Popcorn’ with global influences of Amristari Fish, ‘Vadas’, Chinese Chilli Garlic Potatoes and even Pork Cuchifritos.


So if you are looking at a pocket friendly yet stylish bar, where you get yummilicious food too, this is the place to go. Finally Pune has something of a different concept after a really long time! AND WE ARE GLAD..

Now no more drinking at home before going out!! 

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