Where Else To Be?

Near Datta Mandir Chowk in Vimannagar, there exists a beautiful and tranquil café, receiving us with a warmer embrace with every consecutive visit. Where Else Café has grown to be a student favourite already, owing to the serene ambience and the hugely-satisfying food. The cafe is a contemporary designed outdoor and indoor café with a huge fan in the outdoor area. The location is constantly cool and breezy and adds to the overall mood of the place.

Where Else Café has become a go-to place for many students; especially after college hours, to unwind or to finish assignments. Delighting options on the menu bring up a smile on the face, adding on to the breeze hitting softly on your face. Recently, the Café has also opened up a bar, transforming that smile to cheeky grins. Where Else Café is located on the Datta mandir road, a busy albeit peaceful street, with red and teal coloured minimalist décor, radiating a warm welcoming aura. The first thing that caught my eye here were the beautiful water bottles, that I went out and got some for myself as well.

WE (4).jpg

Where Else Café is a delight for any foodie, with a menu ranging from Burgers and Sandwiches to Oriental Cuisine. Even after my constant visits, the food has never failed to surprise my tastebuds. A unique highlight here is the weekend-only Parsi food menu, serving Farchas and Tamota Per Eedu! A must try for those parsi food fans and the non veggies. Beyond that, they have a beautiful array of dishes on their food menu, from eggs made how you want it and Chocolate Banana Pancakes for a fresh, happy start in the mornings, to Hot dogs and fries when the munchies strike. The Macaroni and Cheese is a underrated scrumptious gem.

WE (1)

They also serve brilliant oriental food including Beer Battered Prawns and Thai Curries. The BBQ Pulled Pork Burger is a hit among meat lovers too. The Food Menu spans over so many different realms that it will not be possible to choose one. The dessert menu can leave you awestruck, awkwardly smiling at it while fantasizing about ordering all at once, including customizable Hot Chocolate and Sundaes as well.

WE (3)WE (5)

Where Else Café adds on to its adorable quirkiness by being a pet-friendly place with a dedicated pet menu for your furry friends, serving choostix, chicken broth and rice and bones for your dogs. They even housed two really playful cats in the area, who I’ve had the pleasure of playing with on multiple occasions (and I’m more of a dog person!) SO this becomes the best option to go to after a nice walk with your pet. They have a current promotion of milkshakes of epic proportions going on, coupled with some pop culture references for the promotion

WE (2).jpg

Recently, WherElse (Where Else) also opened up its Health Menu providing an array of healthy meals and a combo plan called Build Your Own Workout, an innovative concept at best. The menu provides pre and post workout meals, soups, salads and protein shakes as well. But for the antithesis of health freaks like me, Where Else Café has successfully opened up their bar recently and provides various alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages. It was hard enough to give this place a pass before, and now it shall be impossible to drive by and not visit. Apart from this, Where Else Café houses the most amazing and courteous staff.

If you haven’t been here yet, WherElse would you even be?

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