The Heart of Indian Music Culture

We have come a long way from just drums, guitar riffs and corny filmy lyrics to embracing the world music. The 60s and 70s was all about pop, rock jazz and blues; 80s witnessed metal, in the 90s heavy experiments were going on with music and had a dominance of Rock and now as of 2016 it is the party wave. A decade ago it was all about bollywood productions big flashy and clichéd it lacked some serious creativity. But thanks to globalization we opened doors for possibilities and the music scene has never been better.

With the rise of YouTube and social media in the late 2000’s the music scene transformed permanently. Everyone now had the billboard top 100 in their kitty. India’s popular music has seen a significant growth in independent music. Music festivals, live bands, DJs and producers are playing all across the country. The change in taste and accessibility caught our attention. This wave has led to Indians looking out for such events more enthusiastically. They are not only a part of these festivals just in the country, but are also travelling around the globe to experience many more such events. 

Though this is not the first time that we are witnessing an Independent music scene. We have always had a variety of non – bollywood music genre like the distinct folk, classical and devotional music. Back in 90s bands such as Indian Ocean, Pentagram, Indus creed tried to make a mark, but their act did not spread out to the masses and was only loved and liked by their limited followers. The incarnation came to us in the form of unprecedented music festivals. These premium festivals now host majority of international artist hence putting India on the world music map.

With each passing year we have new festival lined up there is a festival for likes of everyone now. Though the most popular are still festivals like NH7, Sunburn, and Supersonic. We now have a variety of concept festivals like Gulmarg Winter Festival, Ragasthan, Fireflies and many more. Fashion Festival is now a popular rush among teens. Taking cues from the popular music festivals in the west, people have now ditched regular clothing to a style statement that makes them stand out in the crowd. From Bindis to Boho headbands, dhotis to crop top, traditional silver jewelry, larger than life nose rings are all part of the latest trends flooding the festivals. 

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The growth in terms of music and trends is incandescent in the country currently. A while ago the things that we see now were an alien concept. Despite the shift in the music space, there is much to be seen.

Who knows what next?


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