The Bistro for You! – Terttulia at Balewadi High Street


Amidst the Spanish/European influenced décor, one may find tranquility while sipping a Fresh Melon Sangria, here at Terttulia at Balewadi High Street. After the success of the other branches at Koregaon Park in Pune and in Mumbai, Terttulia is winning hearts in the up and coming foodie hub in Baner.

The place offers an outdoor seating area (currently covered due to rains), along with a selection of board games, accompanied with light music making it the fitting place to be at, on a Sunday afternoon. The overall look of the place is enough to captivate one and draw them closer towards the Bistro. The tagline of Eat, Drink, Love comes to life moments after entering, with Terttulia offering you a wide variety of food and beverages leaving you wanting more.

The Indopean Street Pani Puri had a classic European twist to our favourite street food with feta salsa, chilly yoghurt and tamarind. (Rs. 255). Although it may weigh on the expensive side, the dish tastes absolutely fantastic.

Indopean Street Pani Puri

However, the vegetarian choices here are limited as the non vegetarian dishes clearly take the medal. It can be well established that the Chef and his team take extra efforts for presentation, as the concept of devouring food with your eyes first takes prominence here. A Prime example shall be the Roasted Beets & Goat Cheese, Orange Segments, Balsamic Arugula (Rs. 255). The burst of flavours will be a treat for any foodie, but this dish is shadowed by most of the other dishes. The presentation of the salad was amazing, and would be a great add to a healthy lunch.

Roasted Beets & Goat Cheese, Orange Segments, Balsamic Arugula

For those who don’t wish to be extremely healthy, the Pulled Pork Bao with Spicy Kimchi (Rs. 265) is the way to go. Pickles and mustard complement the pulled pork in the softest bao you may have ever tasted to send you into a flavorful ecstasy. Along with the fantastic taste, the presentation will leave you satiated for a while. Right under the Pao & Bao head of the expansive menu of Terttulia, the Lamb Kheema Pao (Rs 285) and the 5 Spice Creamy Cottage Cheese Pao (Rs. 245) are an interesting twist on the street concept of Kheema and Bhurji Pao.

Pulled Pork Bao with Spicy Kimchi
Lamb Kheema Pao
5 Spice Creamy Cottage Cheese Pao

Beyond all the appetizing starters and smaller courses, the Pizza Terttulia, with creamy spinach, tossed rucola and Scarmoza is just a delight on a pan (Rs. 385). Baked with love on a thin crisp crust, with a tangy and flavourful layer of sauce, this pizza will win over your palates. A non-vegetarian counterpart is the BBQ Chicken with Jalapenos Pizza (Rs. 395).

Pizza Terttulia

Complementing the fresh ambience, the music and the scrumptious food are the delicious cocktails. Other than having a dedicated bar menu, serving everything one would like, along with Patron and Baileys, Terttulia has a brilliant array of cocktails. The Terttulia’s Sunday Sangria (Rs. 345), Melon Sangria (Rs. 345) and the TT’s Orange Basil Mojito (Rs. 335) clearly stand out. The drinks are also available as pitchers of 1.25 litres too.


The reasons why Terttulia at BHS should be among the must-visit places this weekend are quite obvious, as it proves to be a great place for a family get-together or a friendly gathering. The Sunday Brundowner is a brilliant added reason to visit the Bistro. The brundowner provides an unlimited brunch, with either beer, sangria or IMFL, along with food, with the price varying with the choice of beverage on Sundays. Make sure to visit Terttulia for a fabulous weekend or a chilled out weekday, at the most upcoming and happening locale in Pune now, Balewadi High Street. As they say, Eat, Drink, Love.

[Check this space for an overview on Balewadi High Street]



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