Believe It or Not! BAR BAR Ups Its Game This July

Introducing a Monday property like you’ve never seen; Wednesday game nights and new additions to the food menu.

BAR BAR, India’s 1st bar with wholesale pricing has been slowly carving a spot in the heart of all Punekars with its concept of ‘Drink More, Pay Less’. This July, they up their game by introducing two new properties: MWP Mondays & Games On Wednesdays. What’s more? They are also adding to the food menu new pop versions of lowbrow desserts, bhel bowls and food on sticks (danda khaayega kya?).

MWP Mondays – Take Your Monday Back!

Here is the World’s Shortest Horror Story: Mondays!

BAR BAR touts itself as the superhero of bars – here to save the day by understanding the concerns of pub crawlers. To solve the problem of ‘Monday Blues’ they have introduced MWP Mondays.

What is MWP? Market Wholesale Price or the lowest price per category achieved by ordering the highest volume. For example, on any other day the table needs to order 12 Drinks from the Popular Category to achieve the MWP of Rs 99, now every Monday you can drink at MWP (Market Wholesale Price) IRRESPECTIVE of the size of your order. Simply put, now every Monday you can drink at Rs 99, even if you have just 1 drink.


Game On Wednesdays–For Some Mid Week FUN!

Now every Wednesday at BAR BAR everyone stands an equal chance of winning Free Shots, Cocktails and Beer. How? By putting to good use their (chugging) skills and General Knowledge at the weekly pub quiz and game nights. The games vary from Dum Charades to Beer Pong and the Quiz topics cover popular trends like Game of Thrones, Sitcoms, Films, Sports, Music and more. The energy is great with an enthusiastic host that gets the house pumped.

Definitely revs up the fun quotient in the midweek. See you there! 

New Food at BAR BAR

It’s no secret that BAR BAR loves the idea of transforming lowbrow street food into pop delicious gastro fare. Along with the Toasties, Malabari Paratha Wraps, Dabbas, Popcorns and more, BAR BAR will now start to serve Bhel Bowls, Food on Sticks and Desserts!

Bhels will make a comeback this season with 6 different kinds starting at Rs 69 for the ‘Desi Bowl’ with crunchy channa dal, kurmura and tangy chutneys. There’s also a Mexican Bhel and a Chicken Bhel!

Danda Khayega Kya is dedicated to Food on Sticks with the monsoon favourite ‘Butta’ or Roasted Corn on the Cob; Tandoori Chicken Satay; Thai Arancini Balls of Green Curry and Rice… And for a sweet ending there is now the ‘Sooper Dooper Goey Mud Pie’, ‘Pop O Bar’ or chocolate coated popcorn, and more!

Come visit BAR BAR this monsoon and up your game this time. 

BAR BAR | 1st Floor, Phoenix Marketcity

Open every day of the week.




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