Playboy Beer Garden


The first official Beer Garden by Playboy has been opened up in the current happening and developing area of Pune, i.e. Balewadi High Street, and it has been a hit since the first day. Inaugurated by Sunny Leone, this place has become the go-to stop for people from all age groups. Having begun earlier this year, Playboy Beer Garden has been host to a variety of private parties, corporate parties, kitty parties, and was frequented by cricketers after the matched held nearby.

Having the capacity to seat 240 guests in the biggest portion within BHS, the garden has a variety of seating options, with one inside, along with the bar and the soon to be opened brewery, a VIP section barricaded away from the general area, an outdoor seating, an al fresco seating among lush greenery called the burrow, and a separated area next to the burrow.

The choices seem wide, and you may not be able to process the beauty of the place for long as the menu blows you away. The extensive menu, along with seasonal additions taste much more better than you could imagine, and will draw you closer to the place, ensuring you visit more than once. Since opening, Playboy Beer Garden has been famous for their live screening inside, or in the burrow, making it the most apt place for a get-together. An issue most people have with coming anywhere near Balewadi High Street is the transportation. As a lot of people stay on the other side of the city, some find it difficult to come all the way here and leave back. But BHS hosts a lot of cabs right outside, hence making it easier to use apps to book cabs and reach home safely and responsibly.

The place greets you with a beautiful leaf arch leading to the garden, with a symmetric seating chart providing high chairs around a beautiful ambience. The burrow is usually given out to families and larger groups as it is a separate enclosed area.


The indoor seating is well cooled, with pop culture references to Playboy in the form of wall hangings. Once inside, all attention is drawn to the humongous bar with the gold plated brewery right behind it. While the brewery is not functional now as they do not wish to compromise with the quality of the brew. The garden however promises to deliver a fully functional brewery in a few months. The Garden also provides Stella Artois and Hoegaarden beer on tap as well, which is a rare sight in Pune!


The Wild Mushroom Soup (Rs. 210) is delicious and filling, pleasing even those who dislikes mushrooms in general.

Wild Mushroom Soup

The Braised Pork Belly (Rs. 375) is a must try for those meat lovers, as the dish has the perfect balance of flavours with tender pieces of pork.

Braised Pork Belly

The choices from the Indian menu of appetizers are far more than appetizing. The Subz Motiya Seekh, Irani Fish Tikka and Lamb Gilafi Seekh (Rs. 240-450) are all so soft and creamy that they melt on the first bite. The fish would be one of the best you have tried around in Pune.

For those who wish to stick to the healthier side, the Salad Nicoise with Seared Tuna is a big win, balancing all the flavours in the perfect proportion.

Salad Nicoise with Seared Tuna

The thick layer of cheese on thin crust, as thin as it is supposed to be, with more cheese on top, in the form of Peri Peri Chicken Pizza or the Vegetale Pizza (Rs 385/350) will send you on a trip to paradise. The Peri Peri pizza is one of the most ordered dish on their menu.

The signature dish, for the deli fans is the Signature Hef Burger (Rs. 400), with a quarter pounder patty and so much more you may lose track. The menu describes it as “Make this your cheat day dish. You wont be able to eat for a week after.”, and boy were they right. A must try for the meat lovers.

Signature Hef Burger

As a part of their monsoon special, the Paneer Sizzler is a must try, which sizzles till the last bite. One could go on and on about the food at Playboy Beer Garden and still not be done.

The expansive menu provides for such amazing dishes that it overshadows the bar menu by a huge step. The head Chef stated that they wanted a menu that focused on food, and not only the beer, and they delivered. To end it all, make sure to try the famous Banoffee pie of Playboy Beer Garden, of which the cream used takes six hours to make! Presented in the most beautiful way with the softest, creamiest yet crunchy crust, this famous dessert is sure to bring a smile on your face, and make it stay there even days later.

Banoffee Pie

The cocktails served here are extremely fresh and new. The Asian Mule (Rs. 400) is a lesser known combination of vodka along with various additions, including lemon grass, making it the perfect summer drink. It is served in a fancy glass which looks like an upside down bottle.

asianmule.jpgEven the mocktail, Wake Me Up, so rightly named as it wakes you up with its freshness, is famous among many. Outdoing themselves in presentation, the Brain Freeze Shots (Rs 600) which come in a six shot palette, take home the trophy with the dry ice presentation. 


The brewery, once functional will serve around six flavours of beer, designed by a Canadian chef, who is experimenting with a maple syrup flavor and a caramel flavor. Watch their facebook page for more updates on the opening of the brewery. Playboy also plans to introduce a brunch scene on Sundays, which will go brilliantly with the outdoor seating. They currently have live music nights on weekends and Wednesdays along with a karaoke every now and then.

Lighting up the overall mood at Balewadi high street, the Playboy Beer Garden is a must-visit place for everyone. Make up your weekend plans for Playboy Beer Garden and forget about the weekday blues that will ensue.



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