A Journey of 10 Soupy Noodle Bowls Starting July 27th at Shizusan

The Ramen Diaries

Ramen Comes to Pune!

A month ago Shizusan, the Pop Asian Bistro by Bellona Hospitality – the F&B arm of Phoenix Mills Ltd. – introduced aspecial sushi menu ‘Around the World in 9 Sushi’. After the overwhelming response it received, Shizusan – the hipster mascot –is now bringing to Pune 10 comforting and innovative bowls of ramen withThe Ramen Dairiesstarting 27th July.The new menu also embodies the signature ‘pop’ theme and is inspired byShizusan’s travel to East Asia. Staying true to the composition of a traditional ramen bowl, Shizusan has added interesting twists – 8 out of the 10 bowls can easily be referred to as off-the-beaten path.


The Kimchi Ramen is made with rice noodles submerged in a broth made from gochujang stock and is topped with beans, roasted corn and kimchi. From Malaysiacomes the Malaysian Laksa Ramen – a bowl of creamy laksa broth with al dente eggless noodles topped with mushrooms, mustard cress, tofu, red radish, crushed peanuts and crunchy fried noodles. Inspired by the aromatic spices of Thailand is the Tom Yum Ramen bowl that was an effortless transformation from the hearty soup to pop ramen with a good kick from the bird eye chillies and tanginess from the kaffir lime.


For those who enjoy the‘Chindian’ fare,there’s the Shanghai Chilli Chicken Ramen – a bowlful of your favourite hakka noodles in a spicy garlicky chilli chicken broth topped with cubes of chicken, peppers, pokchoy and cilantroPeking Duck Ramen is a ramen version of the famous Peking Duck from China and has a sweet & salty hoisin broth with egg noodles topped with crispy sliced Peking duck (of course), fried wonton noodles and spinach.

Shanghai Ramen (2)

Also featuredon the menu is an unctuous Seafood Ramen with generous portions of squid, prawns, fish and udon noodles.The Classic Ramenwith udon noodles in a velvety, fatty, umami tonkotsu broth topped with sliced pork belly, crispy bacon bits and nori squares. One can choose to add an ajitsuketamago or marinated soft boiled egg to their bowl at no additional cost.


If you’ve been to Japan or taken the road to East Asia, then there will be much to ramen-isce over. Puns aside, it’s Ramen Time Pune!The new menu has equal options for vegetarians and non-vegetarians with bowls starting at Rs 445.


Shizusan | Upper Ground Level | Phoenix Marketcity Pune

For reservations call +91 20 6689 0401 | Facebook, Twitter &Instagram@ShizusanSays

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