Da High Cookout feat. The Yellow Bucket + Mindflew

This Sunday afternoon brings you two album launches. Coming in all the way from Delhi, The Yellow Bucket and Mindflew give you the perfect High Spirits Cookout with happy, lingering melodies brought to you by The Yellow Bucket and indie alternative rock vibes by Mindflew! Grab a beer, grab a plate, and come home to the music this Sunday afternoon!
About the Artist:
The Yellow Bucket:
The Yellow Bucket is an electro-acoustic duo/ acoustic trio; experimenting with happy,lingering melodies and harmonies, trying to re invent acoustic music in the circuit. Ritwik, Subhadra and Suyash perform with different bands that work with varied electronic sounds, playing music that ranges from intense alternate, to post rock to indie pop. The Yellow Bucket is an attempt to put together some simple acoustic songs with just a hint of electronic intervention.. It’s a musical break from complications- in life and in music.
Mindflew is the re incarnation of The Angry Mob which was formed in 2006. Mindflew started of as a school band and the focus shifted from covering other artists to making music. As The Angry Mob the band played at the Fete De La Musique 08 organized by Alliance Francais. The band believes in making its own music and sticking to self compositions all the time. They released their debut EP as MindFlew towards the end of 2012, and began working on a full length album from early 2015.They recently launched their debut music video of the title track ‘O Beti’.
Come home to the music this Cookout!
Entry: Rs. 1100 per head
Name: Da High Cookout feat. The Yellow Bucket + Mindflew
Date : Sunday, 14th August
Time : 01:30 pm onward

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