Punjabi Heaven – Punjab Grill @ Phoenix Market City

The onset of monsoon makes it the best time sit in a covered outdoor area and indulge in some alcoholic goodness with some desi chakna. While the weather complements the lax behavior in us, Punjab Grill in Phoenix has found a solution to our problems. With a brand new drinks and chakna menu, everything mixed with a desi twist, in the newly renovated outdoor seating area, semblance will be restored in the act of casual drinking in monsoons. Adorned with beautiful trellises on the roof, with beautiful outdoor lighting, Punjab Grill is a must visit place for the monsoons, and any time after that too honestly. The brand new menu is a treat for anyone who loves a desi twist.


Starting off with Rs. 100 Chaknas or Finger Food, the Classic Masala Peanuts with a twist of Kafir Lime Zest, the Chana Zor Garam, and Classic Corn on the Cob will refresh you and your palates, served in cutting chai glasses.


These are great, which is better once downed with classic cocktails with a heavy Indian influence, making it much more refreshing. The Panjabi Krantt, served in a lightbulb jar and the Nimboo ka Achaar Caprioska, served in a mini achaar barni give you the right amount of tangy twist to your favourite cocktails (Both costing Rs. 350/-)



The new starters, such as the chicken kabab trio, and the veg kabab trio are heavenly.


The winners for drinks were the Dangar Dose, a tequila based shot, served in syringes, and Matka Jack, which is our favourite JD-Coke, but in a kullad. The earthy taste in the latter makes you yearn for more, and the drink remains cold for a considerable amount of time. The Dangar Dose masks the taste of tequila, and the buzz kicks in quite quickly. They are priced at Rs. 400 (DD) and Rs. 650 (MJ), respectively, and is worth every rupee.


Adding on to the mood of the place, Punjab Grill now offers Live music nights on Fridays, making it the perfect place for a peaceful Friday evening hangout. Moreover, after savoring the drinks, they have their classic main course that Punjab Grill has been famous for, in all their branches, especially the one in Washington D C. The meat lovers can find solace in the three way chicken, which is a specially prepared dish with a bread base, once cut revealsa full cooked chicken with seasoning inside


If that wasn’t enough, make sure to try their bests, the classic Butter Chicken, Dal Makhani, or the clear winner, the Chicken Dum Biryani, which personally was the clear winner for the main course.

Punjab Grill has surely taken us by a storm with their new outdoor seating and the new Drinks and accompaniments menu, and will definitely be a major to-go spot, this weekend. So, see you there? #HappyPartying


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