Best in their sports! These Divas

Fashion and style have always been synonymous with Bollywood celebrities, youth worship them and follow their footprints, be it in terms of lifestyle (Fashion, Style statement, Work Regime) or choosing their field as a career. Off late there has been a paradigm shift amongst the female populace in choosing sports as their career option, the same can be attributed to the rising popularity of female sports persons who have excelled in their field. There are few woman sports athlete who have given strong voice to the industry and have given dreams to many eyes to follow their kind of life style. The list of such celebrities who have captured youth imagination is long but there are a few of them who clearly stand out from amongst the lot:

Sania Mirza – A superstar tennis player with most successful career in the history of Indian sports, this lady combines her sports skills with her on field presence, style statement brilliantly. She is by far the most successful tennis player India has ever produced and her kitty of national and international awards are a testimony to it. Her oozing attitude and style on field and her immaculate and bold responses to the media off the field are matchless .A real icon to emulate in all senses.



Dipika Pallikal- This squash player is a hottie on and off the court. Married to cricketer Dinesh Karthik. Dipika has carved a niche for herself by not only securing a place among top 10 world players but also winning thousands of hearts by walking the ramp. Her beautiful talking eyes are a source of inspiration for many young girls.


Tania Sachdev- An emerging chess player with a grand master norm to her credit at very tender age, Tania’s innocent looks and beautiful smile are enough to categorize her amongst the most pretty and innocent looking sport star who has added beauty to the male dominated bastion. She definitely is what we call beauty with brain.


Jwala Gutta – One of the most known faces of badminton in India, her powerful shots and colorful persona on and off the court has made many heads turn. Her style of dressing off the court has made girls go gaga on her, forget about boys. She is the one who has actually proven the fact “why should boys have all the fun”. Her attitude says it all. 


Glamour is no more restricted to fashion and films. Our new sports generation  gives a brand new statement in this context. Their on field achievements coupled with their style statement and never say die attitude makes them so much desirable. They definitely know how to carry themselves on and off the field, are totally aware of their sexuality and do not hesitate in voicing their beliefs. They definitely are turning out to be the next fashion Divas!


Blog by: Shivangi Pandey 

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