Balewadi High Street – The new Social hub!

As the stressful week comes to an end, every eye goes searching for a chilled place to unwind and to restore semblance in spirited weekends. The magnetic pull of Balewadi High Street does exactly that, joining to poles, i.e. you and your stress-free weekend.

The new hub is filled with joints for everyone’s taste, with a few exclusives like Playboy Beer Garden and The Urban Foundry, and our favorites like Subway and McDonalds. Located at the end of Baner-Balewadi Link Road, Balewadi High Street is most definitely a place one must try for the sheer amount of options, and the transformation of Balewadi to the next party destination within Pune. It is a huge stretch of a complex with various restaurants and nightlife locations.

Playboy Beer Garden

Urban Foundry is a first of its kind themed restaurant with a steam-punk theme. The presentation of dishes is one of the finest seen and should be on the top of the list for anyone who loves themed restaurants.

The Urban Foundry

BHS also hosts an outlet of Apache, called Apache High Street, infamous for their drink Go-to-hell. It also has Marrakesh for the Mediterranean lovers. Adding to that, it hosts Menchies Frozen Yogurt for the sweet tooth around for the perfect shift from Ice-creams to FroYo. Incognito! Restaurant, Bar & Café also has a bigger outlet here flled with beautiful décor and pop culture references. It also hosts one of the few French/Euro restaurants, Arthur’s Theme, which is frequented by people for the delicious meat dishes.

Arthurs Theme

As BHS has almost everything for everyone, it also is home to Café Mestizo, which has its Monsoon Special Pav Fight currently, and amazing coffee. The perfect place for a peaceful caffeine fix. Right by, you can even curb your pizza cravings from La Pizzeria for authentic Pizzas that will leave you wanting more.

The signature Mestizo Blast at Cafe Mestizo

As covered earlier, BHS also hosts the grand Playboy Beer Garden, an overview of which has been given here . Playboy Beer Garden is one of the ultimate destinations for everyone, as it is suitable for any kind of crowd. The menu is to die for, and they are also starting their craft beers soon with exciting flavours.

On the other end, there also is the amazing Tertullia Bistro for amazing food and drinks, and the Brundowner for a chilled Sunday Brunch scene with unlimited cocktails and food. The overview of the same can be found here.

Terttulia Bistro

This coupled with the usual McDonalds and Subway will surely mark this as a wide-variety complex, that must be visited by one and all, any day of the week, for the best way to unwind.

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