Fashion trends you should definitely try

It is hard to keep up with the changing fashion trends. Your new look was inspired off a Fashion week, you probably bought a denim overall because it looked good in that picture. People who influence fashion and keep changing trends are celebrities the 90’s is coming back thanks to the revival of Spice girl style, demins, crop tops and many more. In-spite these trend cycles we feel comfort is what matters the most.

Here is a list of trends that keep coming back and is for everyone

Maxi dress
Every girl needs to have a Maxi skirt or a dress! Why you make ask? Because they are simply pretty and give you the complete Boho chic feel. Perfect for any occasion you can easily style it up with Graphic tees or tops, dye tops or simply with a crop top.
maxi-skirt-and-dress_ Image source google.jpg


Denims has taken an interesting turn, going from tailored and tight to baggy and cropped with new trims and treatments that are ever changing never failing to serve as a major fashion trend. Be it a cropped and flared, distressed, regular boyfriend jeans, high waisted or even a denim skirt they are very easily styled. More the variety the more options you have.


Off Shoulder Cut

A trend every girl would want to try! Off shoulder tops and dresses is a rage this season. An off shoulder lets you show off a little skin but in a cool comfortable way. They are also available in different patterns, giving you an option to dress up or dress down. They are catching up to even become a part of office attires.

Off Shoulder Cut.jpg

All Shorts
A wardrobe is incomplete without a pair of shorts. Shorts can range from timeless denim shorts to cool, colored hot pants. They go with everything pair it up with strappy sandals and some cool, mirrored sunglasses, to give the look a little extra edge top it up with a leather or denim jacket.

All shorts.jpg

Layer it up

Everybody loves to add a little spunk to their outfits and why not do it by layering your outfit with a basic denim or leather jackets, kimonos, vests, knits etc. Layering is a perfect option to step up a dull outfit!

Layer it up.jpg

These trends are easy and economically no matter what your style or size you can experiment with them.

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