Let’s face it not all of us like spending hours getting dressed. We would sometimes just sit around the house the whole weekend and do nothing. Not to forget the cringe worthy moments catching someone dressed so well makes you think why I can’t be like them. And if you ever wondered that you were the only one, news flash you are not there is a bunch of us like you out there. Also well let’s be honest ladies we are not changing anytime soon. We are people who like comfort (and are also extremely lazy). Guess what it doesn’t have to be that difficult to look good.

So if you are can relate to being a lazy girl,here are some easy tips to help you dress up.Have a look!

Tone it down with Jeans – Well if you are somebody who likes to just put on a pair of jeans for a night out. Not to worry a denims can never go wrong, put together your favorite denim with a shirt or a blazer with a pair of heels or even the cute flats and you are ready to go.


Mix like you don’t care – Mixing prints and colors is always fun and extremely difficult not to end up looking like a hobo. If you are fairly new to mix and matching stick to the simpler ones, choose a dominating print in the outfit or choose different prints in single color. If you are a fan of stripes keep it neutral and dress up like a pro

mix it up.jpg

Stick to the basics – A classic white shirt, a mid length skirt, a casual dress will never do you wrong. Stick to basics because they are the best.


When in doubt stick to what works best for you – Sometimes even the best styled people are victims of fashion faux. When you have to step out and your new outfit is it too tight or loose you can always depend on your favorite outfit. The one outfit which is just your all time favorite, if you have already worn it layer it up with a blazer add a classy neck piece and rock the look


If Shopping is not for you – If you are one of those, who go out shopping and absolutely hate it. Relax! What are friends for? Shopping is always fun when you have company. And if you feel you are not good at choosing what is good for you second opinion will always be a saving grace.


If you have nothing to wear – All girls live by it! We all face the issue of less space in wardrobe and we all know why that is. Throw away all that you don’t need, the dress you brought two years back, well it still does not look good. Let your Zen flow make space for the fresh and new clothes that you need.


Say no to loosening up too much – Sometimes we take comfort to a different level by buying something that does not flatter us. If you have a loose top, wear something short on the bottom. And if you’re wearing something loose on the bottom, pair it with something that shows off your arms, chest, and shoulders.


Above all ladies confidence is the key to pulling off any look and since we living in an age of comfy dressing. You have plenty of options out there without feeling like you did do much while putting together an outfit.


And we hope that these hacks are helpful!

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