We cannot imagine our lives without our phone and since the mobile phones are smartphones now everything is available to us at a finger touch. Rapid urbanization has lead to people depending more and more on these apps for their requirements. Food apps are a segment that is gaining popularity all across India. Since most of the users are students or professionals in the cities, these apps can help you with everything from finding a perfect dining spot to having a meal delivered to your doorstep. Here are our top picks for must download apps for food lovers across the city. 


Zomato has been around for some time and has created a niche market for itself. Developed and started in 2008 it is free to download on all mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows. It features all major restaurants and food outlets on the app and it also has a fully functional website. Zomato has a huge database so wherever you are in the country you can find a place according to your requirement. They also provide the users with options to review the restaurant or read reviews by other users making it easier to choose a perfect place.  


Swiggy is a fairly new app in the market. It started in 2014 with its function in Bangalore and after its success they spread their network across Pune, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. The USP of Swiggy is ensuring it delivers on time; they have their very own delivery boys who provide reliable service. Unlike other apps Swiggy has no minimum order policy. It is free to download on iOS and Android.


Food Panda is the most popular food delivery app in India currently. Started in 2014 it has its network set across all metro and non- metros cities. The app offers discounts and offers all the time. It also helps you save your picks on restaurants for the next time use. Food Panda is also among the few apps to give options on payment methods it also gives you cash on delivery option. It is free to download on iOS and Android.


Quinto is different from the other food apps in the list, it works as your personal assistant to find you a perfect spot. It is more interactive and extremely user friendly than its counterparts. Quinto’s database is mapped all around Pune; they learn your taste buds and recommendation and suggest the places for a great food experience. Currently they are functional only in Pune and free to download on iOS and Android.


FoodMingo is has its network spread across Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore and Aurangabad. Free download on all mobile platforms: Android, iOS and Windows phones. FoodMingo app enables users to order food online from and book tables at restaurants. Users of FoodMingo app helps its users to track their orders in real time.


Travel Khana is a must download for train travelers in India. Using the app, you can place an order for the food you want to eat and it will be delivered to you at one of the stations on your route. It relieves you of bad food experiences while travelling in train. TravelKhana operates 24 hours to deliver fresh food in over 2000trains across India. You can also use TravelKhana app to check the PNR status of your booking and time table of trains. Currently it is available for Android users.


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