Bringing China to Pune- Chinese Food Festival at Baan Tao.

Bringing exotic flavors of China to Pune

PNQHY_P059 Baan Tao Waterfall Day

Once again Baan Tao brings you an exciting gourmet food festival. ‘Bringing China to Pune’ is all about flavours of authentic Chinese delicacies. These dishes have been especially curated by Guest Master Chef Sun Wenlin from Hyatt Regency Chennai & Chef Sunil of Baan Tao. Be a part of this exclusive gastronomical journey and taste their signature dishes such as Dou Ban Jaing Beans, Xo Sea Bass, Mud Crab Ginger Leek Sauce, Sichuan Chicken, Trio Chilli Mushrooms and more.


When: September 17 to September 27, Lunch & Dinner

Where: Baan Tao, Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar

Reservations: 7798889653  & 020-41411234

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