Da High Cookout feat. Reggae Rajahs’ Digital Mela

This Sunday at the Cookout Indian Hip-Hop heavyweight, traveller and performer MC Kaur brings her collected knowledge in Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Blues and traditional Drum beats, with the legendary DJ Rudy Roots effortlessly combining styles from Roots Reggae and Rub a Dub to modern reggae beats, Nu Roots, Ragga Jungle! Tarqeeb weaves their sounds together, layering it with deep, groovy bass-lines, dark atmospherics and a trajectory that ultimately crescendos into high energy dance music!
About the Artists:
MC Kaur
MC Kaur aka MC Manmeet aka Hard Kaur, one of the female pioneers of Indian Hip Hop tribe ,MC Kaur holds the belief of living a life of logic through culture and to break the usual notion of Hip Hop being a mere musical genre. She re-define Hip-Hop as a soul igniter which involves values, etiquettes and aspirations. She released her debut collaborative album ‘Hip-Hop Bahu’ in 2014 which is a lushly produced 11-track exploring her journey as an independent married woman operating in the world of Hip-Hop, the hypocricy of money, fame & relationships in India.
Rudy Roots
Rudy Roots had been travelling and performing all across the world for 15 years until 5 years ago when he was drawn to Goa bringing with him the Digital Reggae Revolution. He has been organising the legendary ‘Reggae Rules the Beach’ parties across Goa for the past 5 years spreading the philosophy of ‘One Love, One World, One Destiny, One Aim’. Spreading the message of reggae is important to Rudy. He feels that not only is the music the message, but also its unique vibration, Rasta philosophy and every listener’s own interpretation.
Tarqeeb (Translation: Plan) is Ashish Jose. A seeker of hedonism through rhythm, philanthropy through music-making, he formed his moniker in the summer of 2012. The idea was always simple–promotion of quality EDM, minus the little labels and the big boxes. Coming from a Metal (bassist) and Psychedelic trance background, his sets innately include a generous dose of live sampling, layering and an eclectic vibe. His is influenced by older heavyweights like Photek, LTJ Bukem, Ed Rush, BSE, Concord Dawn as well as producers like Alix Perez, Rockwell, Mefjus, Foreign Concept as a representation of the newer breed of the same. From NH7 Weekender Pune to Bass Camp Festival Delhi and Indian Surf Festival Orissa he’s enjoyed playing alongside international headliners like London Elektricity, Dub Phizix, Koan Sound, Nanci & Phoebeand has also recently tied up with the Lightbenders from OLE India introducing interactive light visuals for his sets.
Come home to the Reggae!
Entry: Rs. 1100 per head
Name: Venky’s Presents Da High Cookout feat. Reggae Rajahs’ Digital Mela
Date : Sunday, 23rd October
Time : 01:30 pm to 04:30 pm

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