Exquisite Diwali Gift Baskets at Forennte

Forennte’s special for Diwali Gifting this year, The American Fudge.

This creamy confection is one of the most delicious treats known to man. Forennte is making it the old-fashioned way, turning out some truly spectacular (and creative) specimens. Our American Fudge recipe dates back to the 1800’s and we make the most authentic fudge you can find in India.

Plain Chocolate fudge:  Few things can satisfy a sweet tooth like pure chocolate — and that’s what our traditional, plain Chocolate fudge delivers. With each bite you get an addictively dense hit of straight milk chocolate flavor that, like any good chocolate, coats the tongue with cream and lingers for a long, sweet finish. Plain American fudgeSS.png

Chocolate Walnut Fudge: Not even a walnut-laced brownie can match ourChocolate Walnut in flavor and richness. A bite starts with the very gentle give of the exterior followed by the smooth interior laced with chopped walnuts. The nuts also add a hint of earthiness that balances out the chocolate. walnutfudgeSS.png

Salted Caramel Fudge: One of the most decadent combinations, our Caramel & Sea Salt  marries the nuances of dark chocolate with an addictive kick of sea salt.The Carmel flavor coats the tongue with a bright, earthy sweetness. A lick of sea salt grabs you, along with the texture of Sweet Caramel within.  saltedcaramelfudgeSS.png

Roasted Almond Rocks: Slow roasted almonds, wrapped in Belgian Chocolate.  Make this Diwali special for your loved ones with the goodness of Chocolate and Almonds. Let them experience a bite of heaven. Cost: Rs 2,000 per kg (VAT 13.5% extra)


The Royal Gift: Belgian Chocolate Truffles sprinkled with 24K Edible Gold. Give an impeccable gift this Diwali that is unforgettable. Our 24K Pure Gold Luxury Chocolate combine two of the most luscious and sensual pleasures in the world: the finest Belgium chocolate and 24K gold, making it a pleasure for all senses.  A universal symbol of success, beauty and eternity makes them a unique gift. Price on request.


To top it all, these exquisite chocolates are available in such royal looking gift baskets and platters. 

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