Your Next Door Haven

The Little Next Door, Kalyani Nagar

With the tiring routines of survival, rough days at work, or home, what more would one need than the warm embrace of a commune to unwind? Man is in constant need of a community, a haven where one can be comfortable, and the recently reviewed The Little Next Door does exactly that. Transitioning from the little door, the little next door embodies that community feeling with quite a lot of communal activities, scrumptious food and divine cocktails. One may wonder that nothing presented so luring would have a price attached to it that goes easy on the wallets, but that is where you are wrong! The Little Next Door follows a price range that allows you to have a glass of beer at just Rs 75!


The little door forms an entrance to a place you would not have imagined, with giant jenga, giant tic-tac-toe, rocking chairs and a serene aura around. It takes you to a realm you would want to spend a lot of your time in. The ambience is very pretty and welcoming, with friendly staff.

The cocktails are prepared in a unique way to keep you going, with a rose flavoured slush cocktail, yes you heard me right, SLUSH! Giving you tequila based happy high along with an amazing brain freeze with every sip, The little next door menu will lure you in to giving into their goodness.  The Berry and Kiwi Mojito make you forget you are drinking a classic cocktail due to the overload of fresh fruits, refreshing you to the cell. The Frosted Oreo cocktail is another one for the sweet tooth out there because how can Oreo and Baileys go wrong? A classic twist on the usual 30ml, TLND provides for bottles and 180 ML pegs as well. An innovative concept has also been laid down, called Bottle Banks, where you can buy a bottle of alcohol at a VERY reasonable rate, and in case you don’t finish it, you can write your name on it and store it with the Little Next Door for consumption the next time you visit! Now that’s brilliant!

Rose Margarita, Berry and Kiwi Mojito and Cosmo Bellini

With the brilliance of the cocktails and alcohol rates, the food doesn’t lag behind! The Little Next Door provides you with an array of brilliant fusion food, which is mostly Mediterranean with an Indian twist. The Khrostini, Kidneys and Falafel, Zucchini Fritters and Peas Burgerettes are must tries in vegetarian options of starters, which are available in Solo portions or Community portions. For the meat lovers, the options available are eye-popping. The devilled Beef, Sticky Wings and Bifteki Sliders are clear winners, while all embody the sin of gluttony.

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The menu serves you an amazing variety of dishes, and the main course dishes ensure a flavor explosion in your palates, including a few alcohol spiked dishes. For those not satisfied yet, TLND also provides a brilliant pizza with Veg, Non Veg and Seafood options which are completely customizable, servedon a 10” thin crust! Another fabulous highlight would be the Drunkesserts, with the must-tries beng the famous Eight Texture Chocolate Cake (spiked with Old Monk) and the Baked Mojito Cheescake! With a glimpse of the community world of The Little Next Door, you must be sure to check out the full deal, at Kalyani Nagar, soon.


Whether you want to hang out with your friends, laughing over Pinot Grigio, or just chilling with some draught beer, The Little Next Door, IS the place to be. Check in for some fun filled games, extremely reasonably priced alcohol, enthralling food, groovy tunes and an amazing time while you are here. As their menu states, ‘Thanks for coming. You’ll be back’, you will pretty much be back for more! Cheers!

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