Transforming city walls into interactive art galleries

‘Speaking Walls of Pune’, a collaborative project between PMC and Pune Biennale Foundation


Pune, October 27, 2016: To make Pune a Smart City, Pune Municipal Corporation has collaborated with Pune Biennale Foundation for a unique project called ‘Pune Speaking Walls’. The aim of this initiative is to convert over 50 kilometers length of identified public wall surface across Pune into creative work. These walls are spread over the entire city and their beautification will involve various stakeholders including artists, government & Pune Biennale officials and communities at large.

The recently rolled out Pune Speaking Walls project have so far covered walls at two prominent locations – Bharati School Balewadi wall and Pune Vidyapeeth to Bremen Chowk, covering an expanse of 1.6 km.

Currently the project is being executed at the external wall of Appasaheb Jedhe Arts, Commerce and Science College located at Shukrawar Peth, Pune. This activity is headed by Indranil Garai one of the directors of Pune Biennale Foundation and his team of artists who have trained about 30 children of commercial sex workers for the beautification of 123-meter-long wall stretch. These children, managed by Eklavya Nayasa Trust, have covered almost 90 per cent of the wall in about two weeks.

Working with the Eklavya Nayasa kids, Mr. Indranil Garai, Jt. Director, Pune Biennale Foundation & Founder IGA Studio, said, “At IGA we constantly try and reach out to different target groups to share our professional experience. Through Eklavya Nayasa, we wanted to understand a fresh perspective towards the city that these children held. We guided them to create their own statement on the wall. To create and envision the Pune city of their dreams.”

The entire activity was divided into two parts. In the first phase, a day long workshop and demonstration session was organized at Eklavya Nyasa’s premises for the children to create forms of their imagination and a vision for their Pune city. This set a perfect background for an exciting activity of painting the city wall and at the same time make a positive statement.

The second phase witnessed onsite activity with kids replicating their visions into beautiful composition on a larger canvas (wall) to create a city of their dreams.

“The project ‘Pune Speaking Walls’ was a happy time for the kids. Every day, the kids kept sharing their experience and they were very keen to come to the wall to paint. All the kids enjoyed a lot and their excitement was visible. They painted on the small chart but when they saw it on a large wall, they felt nothing less than miracle. It was visible, what expectation the kids have for the future of Pune, the corporation, the government and from the society. Painting is the best way to express themselves and I am happy the kids have done it while enjoying”, said, Indrayani Gavaskar, Project Coordinator, Eklavya Nayasa.

“There were several others who also commented that the kids have done a wonderful painting on the wall”, she further added.


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