Meet me by the Burrow – Playboy Beer Garden Sunday Brunch at the Burrow

Waking up with no recollection of events of last night, or waking up after binge-watching your favorite show, everyone needs to relax on a Sunday, the one day of the week dedicated to some pampering. As promised by Playboy Beer Garden in our review here, they are back with the Sunday Brunch at the Burrow with so much to offer. Marking the end of a tiring night or the beginning of a lazy Sunday, Playboy Beer Garden’s Sunday Brunch at the Burrow offers unlimited packages starting at only Rs. 849/- boasting a wide range of food and beverages. One of the main attractions at the brunch apart from the beautiful ambience include the live grills, where paneer and meats are grilled to perfection, with a side of vegetables and sauces and the Egg Station where you can satisfy your egg-citing appetite of eggs, as you want them!

The Live Grill Counter

Either enjoying the live music inside, or comforting yourselves in the embrace of the outdoors, with a mimosa in your hand from the custom Mimosa bar, you will take your first steps into paradise.


The mimosas from the Mimosa Bar are exquisite and so fresh, you are high spirited in no time. For those who prefer other beverages, many of those are available too. The appetizers, main course and the fresh salad bar, along with a breakfast cereal station, where you can prepare your own bowl of cereal ensure a complete deal within the package.



Moreover, the Live Asian Counter, tossing noodles as per your choice, with the add-ons you desire, glowing in the wok as they prepare it for you, sure will work up your appetite again.

What caught my eye was the Sundae Dessert Counter right next to the Dessert station where with some amazing desserts is the make-it-yourself sundae counter with chocolate and vanilla variants of ice creams and so many toppings including heavenly pralines.


This brunch however, takes rejuvenation to a whole new extent, especially for those who partied too hard on Saturday or those who are just health conscious, a wide array of infused water, sure to detox and relax you, along with fresh juices. The brunch at the Burrow at the highlight of the street surely stands out and excels with its choices of food and beverages, but taking everything to a whole new level, Playboy Beer Garden also offers Complimentary foot spa to all present to kick your relaxation up a notch. Isnt that a perfect Sunday? – A mimosa or a beer in one hand while your feet receive some well overdue pampering from dancing the night before or working the whole week.


It is a full fledged brunch, appealing to people of all ages, even kids, not only due to the desserts and the ice creams, but also the illusionist, performing acts of magic around, entertaining everyone while you enjoy your day off. Sundays have never meant anything better than the one you will spend at Playboy Beer Garden, with so many choices, your first time this Sunday will lead to many more times with the place.

Clear your plans this Sunday and come right in to Playboy Beer Garden for the Sunday Brunch at the Burrow with classy music, friendly people, amazing food and drinks, and a complete rejuvenation package. You surely deserve this!

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