The Bigger Brunch – 212 All Day Café and Bar, Pune

What better way to cure the aftermath of Saturday Night partying with a relaxed afternoon with the widest range of food available?

Providing over 60 dishes, without a limit, along with flowing alcohol, 212 All Day Café and Bar has upped the Brunch game to a higher standard. Providing three variants of charges to the Brunch, one with Just food, and the others with additions of various tiers of beverages, this Sunday is bound to bring a smile to your faces. Live Grills, Taco Counters, Salad Bars, Live sparkling wine, and a mini bakery is just a few of the lures available at the brunch, with far more variety within. The 212 Big Brunch boasts a wide array of food, inclusive of lip smacking starters and main courses, to satiate every tummy from Chicken Wings to Shrimp Delicacies, along with a wide array of vegetarian options! Further, the live Taco counter gives you many variations within hard shelled tacos for all those with a Mexican craving. The tender meat grilled to perfection complements the crisp yet soft breads from the bakery area.


The confusion what rises here is what to get first and you will most definitely return with multiple filled plates even before having the first bite.


The brunch offers unlimited amounts of Mojito as well as some brilliant Mimosas along with Beer, to help you gulp down the brilliant food. At a small extra cost, they also serve unlimited sparkling wine, so you can chat while you sip that bub’ all afternoon. 

The Bread Station
The Tartine  Station
The Mezze Station
The Pasta Station

Adding to this, the live music will surely put you in the mood for more, as they don’t call it The Big Brunch for nothing!

In a step different from most, 212 also provides a kids zone for the kids to run around and play in a safe environment, while the parents can sit back and unwind on their perfect Sunday.

The Dessert Station

To top it all off, the desserts counter would transport you into a land you’ve only dreamed of, with plenty to surprise the sweet tooth. All this and one only needs to shell out Rs. 699 onwards!


Unwind at 212 All Day Café and Bar, this Sunday with filled plates, flowing drinks, smiling faces and a bag full of memories. The 212 Big Brunch will surely leave a larger than life impact on your Sunday!

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