Redbull Music Academy Presents Oceantied + Niki

This Friday night we have an electronic-frenzy with Oceantied bringing in music ranging from ambient, downtempo, dance-y & upbeat to all-out fast-paced footwork & jungle music along with a full-on assault of fresh, top notch, state-of-the-art electronic sounds with lingering bass-lines, crisp beats, unstinting atmospheres & floor rumbling grooves by Niki.

About the Artists:


Oceantied is the solo electronic project started by Until We Last guitarist Ketan Bahirat sd an exploration into his electronic music headspace. His music is primarily influenced by Footwork & a broader spectrum of bass music, and all his other influences, ranging from ambient to Indian music can be heard through the track-list, using primarily found-sounds & collected samples over the past few years. His music explores two main sides of the spectrum with downtempo tracks, alongside fast-paced footwork & jungle music. Oceantied has shared the stage with the likes of AMIT (Metalheadz, Ninja Tune, AMAR, UK), Sam Binga (UK), Zed Bias (UK) Lapalux (UK), CEE (Malaysia), Justus Köhncke (Germany), Graciela Maria (Germany), Iyer (Singapore/Canada), _RHL, and a bunch more.

Come Home to the Bass!

When : 2nd December 2016

Where : High Spirits Cafe , Koregaon park, Pune.

For reservation and queries cont : 098605 76260

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