Le Kebabiere Opens It’s Doors To Pune Once More

Time to fire up our winters with some super hot stuff- Ladies and gentlemen, Le Kebabiere is back with a bang. With a unique touch to the Indian cuisine that only Chef Shailendra Kekade can conjure, Le Kebabiere is set to be one of the hottest restaurants in Pune’s fine dining circuit.

With winter in full force, it is time to switch over to Indian food; spicy, flavorful, hot Indian food. As we switch on our heaters and bring out our woolens, we also make a subtle shift in our food choices, a fact not many are consciously aware of. Indian food, a hot favorite during winters, is known for it’s heat inducing properties, but this is not what this post is about. All that matters here is how the Indian cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world, and how Chef Shailendra Kekade has once again adorned the chef’s hat to bring us some of the most mouth-watering preparations of this world famous cuisine.  Le Kebabiere is back in the circuit once more after a hiatus, and we have plenty of reasons to be happy about.

Le Kebabiere, situated inside Stone Water Grill, offers some unique dishes based on contemporary Indian food. With great food, fine service and beguiling interiors, Le Kebabiere is set to be one of Pune’s hottest restaurants once again.


Mirrored walls, vases of flowers, intricately designed table pieces, gilded columns and a subtle color tone create a sense of occasion, making it difficult to lower your eyes to the menu. The sociable neighborhood dining atmosphere has a comfortable seating arrangement with tables evenly spaced out. The perfect dining option for the cosmopolitan city crowd.

Food and Drinks

Visit for the desi twist to the mocktails and cocktails. The bar tender creates a storm in  a glass if I may say so. The food has been known to have been voted as the finest there is by the regulars, who vote with their wallets and words of praise. The flavors are fresh, exciting and unique, contributing to the exotic deliciousness of the dishes that make their way from the hot stoves to your tables.


Red Wine Sangria : there’s the regular Sangria, then there’s the cinnamon flavoured sweet concoction of red wine and fruits. It’s like Christmas in your mouth.

Bacon Cheese Balls : Fried cheese balls with a bacon filling. Goes perfectly well with a glass of whiskey.


Chicken stuffed Kulcha : warm Indian bread stuffed with chicken kheema. Munch on this as you settle down to eat, or order it along with the mains.

Chicken Bajra : Enjoy the fresh flavours of this unique gravy dish with a hot kulcha or naan.

Bheja and Appam : an explosion of flavours and texture in your mouth.


JalebiCaviar :Jalebi shavings served on a bed of rabdi in a texture similar to that of whipped cream. Delish.


Perfect for – A date night, a semi-formal dinner with a client, a family dinner.

Contributing Writer: Protima Tiwary
Protima is one of the most sought bloggers in the city. She gets into the depth of writing by always having something interesting in herblogs. Her articles have a personal touch, which makes the readers wants to keep reading! Thanks Pro

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