Japanese Cuisine at Miyuki, DoubleTree by Hilton

Here’s an unexpected love affair : Pune’s tryst with Japanese food. The cuisine which was earlier restricted to the expatriates has found a lot of takers in the local market. The love of Sushi is being spoken of increasingly, and a casual mention of “tempuras”time and again proves that this niche cuisine does have the potential to go mainstream in the Pune market.

Japanese cuisine is not something that every chef can master. It takes a whole lot of skill, expertise and patience to practise this art of cooking. It takes years to perfect the method of  cooking the fish, years before you get the right consistency of the pork belly, ages before you figure out the perfect way to cut a fish… Moreover, the ingredients used to prepare meals in this particular cuisine are not available easily. All these factors explain the need to price this cuisine a little over the average.

But Japanese cuisine is not all about Sushi as I discovered at Miyuki at DoubleTree by Hilton. This was by far one of the most interesting dining experiences I could remember, and there’s no way I am keeping this to myself.

It started off in a quiet corner of the small wood paneled restaurant. A traditional, neat and simple lunch setting that looked like this-


Wafu salad- it’s a Japanese salad made of mix lettuce, radish, tomato boiled egg, cucumber with sesame onion dressing.


Prawn , fish and veg tempura, serve with grated radish,ginger and tempura sauce. Buta No Kakuni- Stew pork with mustard sauce. I HAVE NEVER HAD SUCH BEAUTIFUL PORK IN MY LIFE! It literally melted in my mouth, I kid you not. And the meat was so delish, I had to stop talking to concentrate on the dish.


Chahan- shrimp fried rice serve with white miso soup.


Grilled fish with Seiko miso sauce. This sauce made of brown sugar, kikkomon soya and white miso paste is a sweet sauce that blends well with the fish. 

Castella- the Japanese version of a sponge cake which has been made without butter.

There are 3 options of meals available- 3 course meal, 5 course meal and a 7 course with dessert.

So is it worth driving all the way to Chinchwad for? I can already hear those who love authentic Japanese food screaming yes. 

Contributing Writer: Protima Tiwary
Protima is one of the most sought bloggers in the city. She gets into the depth of writing by always having something interesting in her blogs. Her articles have a personal touch, which makes the readers wants to keep reading! Much love Pro


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