The Pune Nightlife team was invited for a food tasting to Classe’ by the Cooking Culture.

I know that being reviewers, we are not supposed to be biased towards food. To be honest, when I knew this was a vegetarian restaurant, my initial thought was, how will I calm the meat lover in me? Then I was informed that we will be served a 10-course meal, there was a tremor in my head. All these thoughts of mine were going to be proven wrong.

I have forever had this one favorite place in Pune for days when I want to go vegetarian. But after trying out Classe’ by the Cooking Culture, my list has two restaurants!

Let me begin with telling you why Classe’ is different.

  • This is an urban interpretation of cultures combining Indian warmth and hospitality with a western fine dine concept, in a modern, sophisticated environment.
  • The décor echoes this concept with dark wood panelled walls, low lighting, scalloped lattice screens and some innovative mesh curtains that can be drawn to give each table their privacy. The cement flooring and elements of greenery create an earthy feel within the otherwise stark décor.
  • They serve course wise sit-down meal creating an experiential. Diners are treated to a plated course wise meal with each course being a discovery of colours, flavours, textures and cuisines
  • They showcase cuisines from across the globe
  • Beat this! This is the only restaurant across the globe to serve a 21 course vegetarian meal.This course has to be pre-booked. 
  • They have a private dining room with chandelier lighting
  • Best part here is, once you are inside Classe’ , you wouldn’t feel like you are in this city. 

Here is what we had for our 10 course meal.  


The first item that came on the table was the 3-Dip Platter with Hummus, Salsa and Baba Ganoush with Lavash – perfectly balanced flavours.

COURSE 1: Blood Orange Mojito – This was very refreshing and balanced well with the platter. 


COURSE 2: Smoked Cheese and Paprika Soup–  The flavor of Smoked Cheese and Paprika fused with baby tomatoes made a perfect balance for the soup.


COURSE 3: Cottage Cheese Pinwheels – a Paneer pinwheel filled with cheese and paneer crumble top with house special tomato sauce. That small portion was filling and a blast of flavors too


COURSE 4: Chana Masala Wonton – A fusion appetizer! Wontons combined with Chana Masala completed with mint and sonth chutney.


COURSE 5: Taros Nest – Curried Vegetables on a bed of Crispy noodles. Wasn’t my personal favorite, but had a good steadiness of flavours


COURSE 6: Ravioli Parmagiani – Tomato, ricotta and wild marjoram ravioli cooked in saffron parmesan cream sauce. So creamy! I could have more. 


We were served a palette cleanser as we were moving into the Indian Course. 


COURSE 7 & 8: Clay Pot Cottage Cheese and Mausam ki Khaas Tarkari – Both of them were plated together. The paneer was well flavoured and the vegetable curry only consisted of the seasonal vegetables. This was accompanied with Olive and Bell Pepper Naan, Hariyali Kulcha and Lachcha Paratha.

Course 9: Hyderabadi Biryani with Boorano Raita – Now this is exactly how i prefer my biryani, flavorful! The fragrance was go good that we couldn’t stop to take a picture. 

COURSE 10: Malai Paan Ki Minar or Saffron Almond Soil – We could choose between either of them. Since we were in a group, we got the chance to try out both. Perfectly flavored, these desserts were the highlight of the lunch! A must try! 

This brings us to the end of our tasting. Though it was a 10-course meal, we were not overly stuffed. The dishes were plated beautifully and in the right quantity. This is a must visit restaurant for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, not just for the food, but also for the experience. For a city like Pune where the visual experiential is less, this places proves apt! 

Cuisines: European, Asian, North Indian, Mexican and many more

 Fine Dine and Vegetarian Only

Timings :Lunch: 12:00 to 15:00 & Dinner: 19:00 to 23:30

  • Prior Booking Mandatory
  • Proper casual or formal attire
  • Valet parking available


From the vegetarian capital of the world ‘Gujarat’, comes the first vegetarian fine dine, ‘Classe’ by The Cooking Culture’,serving course wise sit down meals. Aromen Group along with partners SRK ventures brings this brand to Pune after the success of two popular restaurants in Ahmedabad and one on the cards in Hyderabad offering great meals and a unique experience.

Formal dinners are in 10, 15 and 21 courses with a short 7 course option for business luncheons. The 10 course meal plan has a prescribed set menu format comprising of the most loved dishes and also has an option of selecting the menu from Ala carte offering whereas the 15 course meal is a chef’s tasting menu and the 21 course meal is a grand tour menu. Meals are served on prior booking in dining areas designed for privacy. 


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