Indigo Deli – a direct entry into Pune Fine Dining

The Pune Nightlife team was invited for an exclusive food tasting to the newly opened Indigo Deli. Yes another blog that has been delayed because of the tight schedule! But let us look at it this way, we went back to Indigo Deli thrice already after this food tasting. That’s how fab this place is. Head Chef Tushar Deshpande and The Carpediem team played the perfect host for us.

The delightful menu pleases the taste buds of even the most choosy eater. The senior chefs are always around to give us suggestions. To top it all, they are more than happy to make changes in their dish as per our preference. For example, when I dropped in the other day with a friend of mine, she informed the chef that she is allergic to a particular item in the dish; the Chef immediately suggested to her how he can change the dish. My friend was just too happy.

One unique feature of Indigo Deli is that they have a daily changing ‘Specials Menu’ which isn’t repeated. So for the year, you actually have 365 types of Specials menu and these are specially curated and designed by the head chef.

The moment we speak to anyone about Indigo Deli, especially those who have tried it in the other cities have an assumption that the food here is very expensive. Please be informed, that’s not the case. Indigo Deli has curated the menu and the pricing after understanding the preference of Pune Market. A filling meal for two can actually fit easily in less that Rs 2,000. They really did play their card right here. Yet they carry the same class as an Indigo Deli anywhere else.  Anytime of the day you visit Indigo Deli, you will find the place having a good turnout of customers.

Another thought that we would have here is who in the world will go to a mall to have a quiet experiential meal. Please note here that when it comes to entertainment, one cannot rule out the significance of dining-out as an important form of entertainment, and retail establishments in India are capturing all possible measures to embrace innovative ways of turning food courts/ dine in options into a glutton’s paradise. Proving this we have Indigo Deli in the newly opened 3rd floor at the most sought after mall of Pune – Phoenix Marketcity. This particular  3rd floor lets you dine-in without making you feel the hustle buzzle of the mall.

The ambiance of the restaurant is warm and lively with a rustic brown theme. This 92 seater, sprawling across 3200 sq. ft. is divided seamlessly across the bar and dining spaces with a show kitchen, as an interactive focal point. Precision of geometry has always been a consistent feature across the restaurants and this theme is re-interpreted to give Indigo Deli its own character and sense of place.

Moreover, with the kitchen and food at its crux, the restaurant is laid out in an open plan seating layout. The highlight being the division of spaces in the form of a raised performance area with lit display shelving which shall sport a fine collection of wines and collectibles, open seating provides for larger gatherings and a horse shoe shaped booth seating for cosy semi private moods. All in all, the restaurant design exudes a moody and chic ambiance using Indigo Deli’s signature material palette and colour tone.

Let us get to the main part of this blog, FOOD!


Bread Baskets like these steal our heart!

Soup: Roasted Bell Pepper Soup with Corn Jalapeno Relish – This was a blast of flavours and the right thing to start with for the winter season.

The Deli House Salad: House Cured salmon, Poached Lobster, Green Beans, Baby Potatoes, Caper Berries, Olives, Boiled Egg, Lettuce, Plum Tomatoes with Oregano Vinaigrette – This felt like a main course with so many items going into it. Craving for this again! Poached lobster was just perfectly done. 


3 Smoked Peppers and 3 Cheese Pizza & BBQ Chicken and Cheddar Pizza – The Chef could very easily understand that we had tiny appetites, so he did up a half and half pizza for us. Wafer thin pizzas! Yummilicious! 

Risotto of Wild Mushrooms and Red Wine – Oh Jesus! Perfectly done, The flavour was such that you wouldn’t want to keep the fork down. 


Deli Roast Chicken– One of the best ever tried. The chicken was juicy! Served with mashed potatoes and gravy

Deli BBQ pork ribs – Oh well this dish! The plate just had the bone left. This was served with buttered cornbread

Pan Seared Black Pomfret – a must have! This was plated with fenugreek cous cous, sesame pok choy and dill cream

Now to that part where we went ummmmmmm… DESSERTS!!


This love story started with the Chocolate Mud Cake. it was like we were in paradise! What a dense delicious dusky beauty! This was followed by The Chocolate Almond Layered Cake. This is something we kept ordering during our other visits too. Sinful temptation this cake was!

Finally, the star attraction at Indigo Deli – The Homemade Ice Creams! An array of flavors to try from like Baileys, Dulce De Leche, Mocha and Caramalised Banana, Strawberry Cheesecake etc. Each flavour is to die for and these ice creams just melt in your mouth. I am not an ice cream fan, but here i just couldn’t stop – a must try. 

Indigo Deli is here to rock and how! 

Incase you want to block yourself a table, just call up Roy – 9830711487

Indigo Deli, Third Floor, Phoenix Marketcity | Timing: 9am to 12 am

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