Lazy Sofa Movie Experience At PVR Gold Class

When in Rome act like the Romans, similarly, when treated in Gold Class make the most of it! But be humble. We had the opportunity, by invitation, to watch the latest blockbuster at PVR’s Gold Class, Viman Nagar. The class name screams loud enough to know what it might be but wait till you experience it yourself.


This gold class experience is one you should buy yourself, especially for that special movie you’ve been waiting all year or for the special occasion when you think 350-450 is a fair price to pay. This price comes with massive lounge chairs that recline with a touch screen button. Whats more, you get to lounge in the sofa chair with a blanket to keep yourself warm – no more cold air condition botheration while you enjoy your movie. You can also call for service at your seat – order your favorite much-on and it is served in your lap or a tray table.

PVR Gold Class Lounge.jpg

Just in case your movie screening is delayed or you reach early you can hang out at he lounge which is uber comfortable and chic. you can also place your order there and expect it at your seat when it is ready.

This is all to make your movie experience super cool and special. It trashes all international standards and creates its own exclusive standard. We say this with confidence because we went back twice after we were hosted. Mind you, we got a certification from our foreigner friends who called it a surprisingly delightful experience. They also pointed out that this is not a cinema set up normally, this is special.


If you would like us to recommend a date movie theater, a private movie experience, a relaxed and lazy Saturday movie time with your bestie – PVR Phoenix Marketcity is your go-to theater. You know how it feels when you get all comfortable and cozy in your sofa and forget to take the remote? This place is that experience of comfort and cozy, kick off your shoes, stretch your legs and lie down to rest your back and simply much on your caramel popcorn and watch Brad Pitt speaking sweet nothings! PVR has gotcha sorted *wink* *wink*

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