Review: Apache, the uber cool hangout place!

The familiar name of Apache brings back a lot of memories to those who’ve been in Pune for a good amount of time. Now, expanding its reach, the fluid lounge, famous for its Go To Hell pitcher has opened up in Viman Nagar. With the spunk of vintage junkyard vibes coupled with a wide variety of food and drinks, Apache secures a position in your ‘must visit’ list. With both terrace seating and an indoor seating, the lower floor seating area shrouds you into an aura of the classic American diner with a twist. Adorned with Pop Culture references and a daily bar feel, Apache doesn’t fail to impress. The terrace seating boasts of a beautiful view of Viman Nagar which you may enjoy on Vespa-esque seats and a small area for grooving to the tunes being played.

Grunge mixed with the right amount of pop, the ambience at Apache just keeps your spirits pumping. Complementing the energy of apache is the lip smacking food and innovative drinks.

Apache located in Viman Nagar is spread over the ground, mezzanine and terrace floors.  The 3,500 square foot place, ground floor and mezzanine, offers a retro vibe with quirky elements, and bright colours. The 1500 square foot terrace plays along with the unconventional furniture such as scooters used as chairs and carts used as a table offering an offbeat, old school and energetic vibe. The walls are painted with some interesting and fun graffiti that is eye catching!


THE APACHEIAN MULE (Vodka, Muskmelon, Sage, Ginger, Bitter, Pineapple Juice, Sour Mix with a hint of Fire Sambuca) – This one was really fresh and good. We eyed it on the menu even before it was served. The idea of the serving up was very impressive. It makes you feel like a nice warm day at the beach. This drink is so refreshing that it will make you want to come back for it.  This was the star of cocktails!

CHILLI CHILLI BANG BANG (Vodka, Beer, Guava Juice, Sweet Lime Pickle, Hot Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, Salt and Chilli Powder) – We loved the chilled glass presentation. The chilli and Hot sauce together overpowered the booze and guava taste. Otherwise lovable!

COMMANDER IN CHIEF (Beer, Old Monk, Honey and Lime Wedges) – The beer and old Monk combination screens loud of a confused army chief, oops!


SUMMER IN A JAR (Gin, Beer, Orange Juice, , Ginger, Cucumber sticks, Orange Wedges and Apple Slices) –  the jar presentation was cool. This is a true club drink. Having said that, you clearly need an acquired taste for this one.

SON OF A BEACH (Vodka, fresh Watermelon, Basil, Lime and Sugar) – A perfect woman’s drink. Super fresh, but be sure a man will proudly sip on it for the ‘Pac-Man’ theme of serving.

SANDSTORM (Whiskey, Passion Fruit, Fresh Tangerine, Fresh Pineapple, Sweet and Sour) – Narcissistic appeal; it comes with a makeup mirror! You can literally look at yourself when you sip on it. Coming to the liquid, the sweet and sour syrup overpowered the delicious flavour of the fresh fruit and booze of course.


OVER AND OUT (White Rum, Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Orange Liqueur, Cranberry and Sour Mix) – it takes you to your Bong days. #JustSaying. It is a cranberry version of your long island ice tea. Now go figure! They have it in Raspberry and Blue Curacao variants.

SKULL BANGER (Cognac, Elder Flower, Grape Juice and red Grapes) – this is cognac for babies. But the skull glass in which it was served was a fab idea!


Then came the shots!

SWEET DISPOSITION (Vodka, Melon Liqueur and Pineapple Juice) – this was served in a small bulb. So effing cool. We almost nicked it.

BLOODY VALENTINE (Pomegranate, Red wine and Orange Liqueur) – love! Love! Love!

HOT DAMN (Cranberry, Chilli and Vodka) – oh so cool, not hot at all. Bring on the chilli.



MASALA CHEESE FRIES: The fries were impressive for how crispy they were. The masala was in proportion, but if the idea was to give an extra shot of spice, it was missing the point.  We could tell it was fried once and not thrice which is ideal. The presentation was just too cute!

TANDOORI CHICKEN CAESAR SALAD: The typical salad has croutons and olives which this one was missing. We would order it nonetheless if someone in the group is a conscious eater. We would still prefer the classic Caesar salad though.

TANDOORI CHICKEN CHAT: To be honest, we called for it twice. This is a must try at Apache.


PIZZA: We tried the Pepper Paneer Pizza and the Chilli Chicken Pizza. The crust did not do justice. I deal for the heavy eaters at the bar, because hey! It’s all about the booze after all.

GARLIC PRAWNS: As much as we love seafood, this was a disappointment. Using fresh prawns makes a big difference. Here the prawns were frozen and this dish was overdone. The ingredients were great but simply overdone.



OLD MONK CHOCOLATE MOUSSE: the mousse had a nice flavour of the Monk but takes away the chocolate from it. It is nice and creamy without any air bubbles. This was totally a home-made preparation! Thumbs up for that. It did miss that hint of salt.

JAGERBOMB: It is the Jager and Chocolate chewing with the egg at the hilt. Wasn’t a fan!

RASPBERRY MOUSSE CAKE: The biscuit needs to be thicker and crunchy, the mousse was slightly bland.


Overall, the ambience of the place is fabulous and Apache at Viman Nagar is a perfect hangout that the area needed. The décor is super cool and the menu is pocket-friendly. The bartenders seem very passionate. Some of the cocktails are just brilliant; we would definitely go back for them!



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