Make your own Shabu-Shabu at Baan Tao

Have a palette for Japanese cuisine? Well then, the popular Shabu-Shabu is back at Baan Tao just before we wrap up winter! 

A Japanese method of cooking at the table, Shabu-Shabu is prepared by placing very thin slices of beef, meat, seafood or vegetables in hot seaweed broth where you can add your own spices and raw vegetables,stir and swish until desired tenderness and then dip in a variety of sauces. The flavourful meal and the hands-on preparation make for a memorable experience!

The menu is designed by Chef Sunil Joshi where he will also be showcasing his own specialities like Lobster Shabu-Shabu, Exotic Mushroom Shabu-Shabu, Tenderloin Shabu-Shabu and assist you while you make your own!

When: February 1 to 28, 2017, lunch and dinner

 Where: Baan Tao, Hyatt Pune, Kalyani Nagar

Call: 7798889653

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