The House of Medici – An Up-Class experience!

Wow! That’s the first thing that will pop in your mind, just like it did in ours. The House of Medici, is gorgeous and will give you the feel of being among royalty. When you walk into the entry door the first thing that awestruck us was the magnificent bar! It is a place you want to hug and hold on tight to. Also, the decor and the ambience of the place is so glamorous that it will take you to a different world. The class of this place truly something pune has never seen before, and perhaps won’t see in years to come. At the same time, the high end attitude of the whole place is not suffocating; it’s only more and more dreamy and beautiful. House of Medici is a mix of a fine dining restaurant and a classy night club. There was a ramp walk on this bar counter during new years.


As informed and witnessed by us, this restaurant reflects the core concept of the popular house of Medici – an Italian banking family, political dynasty and later a royal house. The House of Medici at The Westin Pune, Koregaon Park perfectly amalgamates the exuberant and majestic ambience, resonating the area of renaissance architectural. So the look, the food, the names of the cocktails, everything has the flamboyant Medici touch to it.

This remarkable bar that we spoke about earlier is the longest in the country. Also the tallest!

What is also this good is the food on the table! Let’s get to what we tried!

Every table is served sweet potato chips with medici spice and the wasabi coated peas. We absolutely loved the sweet potato chips it was an amazing bite snack. Couldn’t stop with one.


Achari  Khumbh (pickled spiced mushroom medallions, stuffed with mozzarella served on masala layered bread) – this had a perfect balance of flavour, it was flirting with us.

Corned Chicken Leg (crispy corn crusted chicken leg with honey mustard mayonnaise) – the chicken was nice and tender, but we wish it was more crispy. The beauty of the dish was that you will get the bone only towards your final bites into the chicken.

Imli Karela (tempura fried bitter gourd with fennel and aniseed flavoured tamarind sauce) – crispy on the outside soft inside and left a good aftertaste. A very urban dish!

Potato Wrapped Tilapia (crispy potato wrapped tilapia with jalapeño and caper tartare sauce) – the presentation of this dish was so good. It was like a 70s decor. We loved the idea of the herbs in the shell. The salad dressing was good and fresh!

Zwiebel Onion Rings (crispy fried onion rings with medici spice) – loved loved loved the onion rings! The onions were done well and soft. It broke so well not taking out the entire onion from the remaining piece. That was a yay! It just needed a little bit of salt. This was a good plate for finger food and drinks table.


Murgh Pasandey (indian spice marinated pan grilled chicken breast on the bed of crispy bread) – this dish had an incredible flavour!

Ciabatta Invloltini (pepper fricassee, pan seared bread with blue cheese dip) – the dish was so soft in the mouth and the filling was very rich. Again a must try bar food here. The beetroot puree was perfect.


Gosht Shami Kebab (lamp and lentil mince dumplings topped with hung curd dressing) – a dish almost well done everywhere.


The bar menu here has some interesting alcohol and cocktails. A specialty at the house of medici is their well curated alcohol infusions. If you are a bourbon fan then a highly recommended infusion is the bourbon with cinnamon, clove and apple! They are served in 60 ml and can be either sipped neat or with a mix. Below are the cocktails we tried!

Bourbon with Cinnamon, Clove and Apple

David daiquiri (tequila, cherry liquor and sour mix)  YAY!

Michelangelo (vodka, white wine and sour mix) YAY!

Strozzi (gin, cucumber, mint and sour mix) NAY!

Pieta (bourbon, egg white, sour mix and orange bitter)  NAY!

Albizzi (white rum, pineapple juice, pernod and homemade ginger syrup) YAY YAY!

Lets get back to food again.. The main course

Sea Bass with Lentil Risotto (ses bass marinated in indian spices, served on a bed of edible soil and masala risotto, topped with beetroot foam) – the risotto was smooth and the fish was flavoured well!

Jerk Spiced Chicken with Potatoes (jamaican spiced grilled chicken breast served with confit potatoes, red cabbage yoghurt and crispy beetroot fries) – wasn’t a fan!

Mapo Tofu  (steamed silken tofu dressed with the sauce of onion, tomatoes, hoisin and black pepper) – you definitely need an acquired taste for this. The dish was done up so well, but wasn’t our type.

Vegetable Skewers with Chilli Mash (skewers of garden fresh broccoli, cottage cheese, olives, corn, peppers, cabbage and cocktail onion with chilli mashed potatoes) – this was a surprise package! So fresh and what a blast of flavours! Definitely worth trying.

 Now to sum up The House of Medici-

If you want that up-class experience, this is the place to be

The bar menu is something to try out! Udit does a fabulous job with the cocktails and is so quick at preparing a cocktail or an infusion of your choice

The food is good, priced on the higher side, but with all that experience, its worth. 

Keeping the price in mind, the house of medici is a place we choose to keep for special occasions. A place to impress!

They have a good line-up of DJs and international artists performing over weekends!

A special thanks to Chef Rishi Verma for taking us through the menu with all the detailing.

Note: We have taken pictures from Facebook as the lighting was very dim during our review 

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