It’s a FOOD TRUCK RUSH at Vh1 Supersonic 2017!

When you’re at a music festival, most people prefer to eat before entering the venue. Sparse food options which cost the sun and the moon and your left arm often means you either eat beforehand or go hungry. And if the hunger is too much to take, you end up having to fight your way to the counter just to place your order! Vh1 Supersonic took note of all these devastating concerns and decided to do something about it. And as a solution, the festival not only set up one but two food zones with some fabulous food on offer.
At Vh1 Supersonic 2017, there’s no chance of you going without getting some awesome grub to gorge on. So what’s on offer? A whole lot of scrumptious deliciousness. From great festival eats at the Super Flea which include everything from funky twisty fried potato lovelies to some burp-out-loud-yummy rolls. But if you want something more than just festival eats, you can always walk up to the Brew Garden to check out some fabulous Food Trucks selling some lip-smacking food from around the world. Wanna know what’s cooking? 

Here’s the list:

  1. Mexican Rodeo: Trump may be building a wall to keep the Mexicans out but here at Vh1 Supersonic, Mexican is Mexi-fun! From tacos to burritos to quesedillas to the mouth-watering guacamole, this truck practically urges you to slap on a sombrero and go do the salsa while you feast on all the Mexican tastiness!
  2. Pimp my Wok: If you prefer the balanced taste of sweet, sour, spicy, sweet and umami, then head straight to this awesome food truck serving up some Pan – Asian delights from Hong Kong, Bangkok, Bali, Vietnam – well basically all over South East Asia. It’s just ‘soy-yummy’! 
  3.  Breaking Bread: If carbs are what you’re craving, you know where the bread crumbs are gonna lead you! It’s time to follow the trail to this doughy-delight offering a wide range of foods that will make your soul happy and joyous. On offer are crazy burgers filled with pork and chicken and even some funky dishes such as Cafreal Chicken burger and Goan and Kolhapuri burgers! This one’s definitely on the must try list!
  4. Fork the Kabab: Nothing spells chill like sitting in the Brew Garden under twinkling lights scarfing down a plate of kababs surrounded by friends. And that’s exactly what you’ll get to do at this grilled perfection heaven. So head out there now to try some meaty delights!
  5. Burgertron: If it’s the swift and simple that you desire then you can never go wrong with a burger – and when its loaded AF, that’s just pure bliss, isn’t it? Whet your appetite for the big, badass, burger extravaganzas at the Burgertron!

You could either eat at one or turn your music festival experience into a food festival experience by Food Truck hopping! Of course, make sure you dance all those burger and tacos and what-not away when you’re at one of the multiple crazy awesome stages at Vh1 Supersonic 2017!

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