Bancubator Week 1 – High Spirits Cafe

The first week of Bancubator is here. Drop by at The High Spirits Cafe  on 26th February to watch these mind blowing performances!

An incredible musical extravaganza of the freshest sounds are just around the corner, curated by High Spirits! The best upcoming bands from Pune & Mumbai get set to unleash their talent at the Bandcubator 2017, the second edition of Pune’s biggest Professional band competition!

Interested to know about the Bands who are performing this week? Here is a download for all you music lovers. 

Tripp Pilots (Mumbai): Tripp Pilots is an Alternative Rock/Progressive Rock band which has influences from bands like DLC, Sevendust, Karnivool, Incubus and many more.  
More Info- Youtube | Soundcloud


Cat Kamikazee (Pune): Cat Kamikazee is a post rock /progressive rock band formed at the end of 2015. The quartet employs pure instrumentation manifesting in an experimental and ambient soundscape, the effort being to immerse themselves and their listeners into a free and abstract space without pushing ideologies that can have a potentially limiting effect. The Pune based act – all of whom are in their early 20s – in its short span of five months of coming together, has been doing the rounds of college festivals and local gigs like Za Palooza amongst others. 
More Info – Releases | Youtube
Across Seconds (Mumbai): Across Seconds is a 4 piece experimental/post-prog instrumental rock band based in Mumbai. Fairly known for fusing heart warming melodies along with odd time signatures with poly-rhythms. As being an instrumental band is itself a task, multiple variations and unexpected changes are seen in the song.
More Info – Youtube
Rudraxsha (Pune): RudraXsha is a Pune based band which was formed with the intention of re-inventing Hindi/Indian Classical music by fusing it with Rock music elements. The band took shape when people with different musical influences and interests came together and started contributing to the band with their individual sound during the initial jamming sessions.
More Info – Youtube | Music
Manzil (Mumbai): A 5 piece hindi fusion band formed 4 years ago. Wilfred aka ‘dekh tera bhai kya solo bajata hai’ (lead guitarist), Tejas (rhythm guitarist) and Aman (bassist) used to play with different set of musicians and used to go by the name Noesis. Noesis performed in numerous fests in Mumbai and stood first in Mood Indigo 2014 and Malhar 2013 & 2014.

More Info – Soundcloud

Something exciting here!


Cash prize of Rs. 10,000 for the most popular band at Bandcubator!  All you have to do is get your friends to vote for you on the Brisky app.

Link to download the app is or you could also ask them to scan the QR code on this image. Tickets for Bandcubator are also available on the app. Voting lines open throughout Bandcubator. Vote away you guys!


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