Savya Rasa – A blissful trip down south!

My initial thought about Savya Rasa was that, this place is way too expensive for South Indian food.  Being a southie myself, I am generally never excited about trying out a south Indian restaurant, because obvious! But the PNL team, especially boss man is extremely fond of one.

A special shout out to Shivangi for changing that initial perception I had. This place amazed us, unlike any south Indian restaurants anywhere. We obviously knew that they had specialties from specific regions of the south. But what we didn’t know was that the Savya Rasa team has gone to each of these places and did a thorough research. They even got the local cooks from Toddy Shops of Kottayam to small restaurants in Karaikudi and from messes in Nellore to train their chefs. All this training went on for a year and the result of all that is ‘Savya Rasa’.

This story is evident that this is not just the regular south Indian food, but a well curated menu from different parts of south India that has some unique flavors, making it one of the best south Indian fine dining restaurants we have seen. Savya Rasa travelled the length and breadth of South India and selected, to showcase, some of the unique and exquisite cuisines namely Kongunadu, Chettinad, Malabar (Moplah), Nasrani (Syrian Christian), Mangaluru, Mysuru (Hinterland Karnataka) and Nellore.

As we walked into Savya Rasa, it felt like we were in a south Indian house. The paintings, old artifacts, furniture, architectural elements etc are all dated back to centuries and look marvelous! I highly recommended taking a tour inside the restaurant. The courteous staff, dressed in traditional attire at Savya Rasa gives you a very warm welcome. The fact here is most of them aren’t south Indians, but can speak about the dishes, including the complicated names so fluently.

Let’s get to the food!

If you are dining at Savya Rasa, make sure to take out ample time for this, as they prepare their dishes from scratch and use only fresh ingredients. Even their spices are sent from these places to Pune. I solemnly swear! For those who cannot wait that long or maybe you are out for a working lunch, Savya Rasa has got it covered. They have introduced Pooranam, Bhojanam and Sampooranam, Savya Rasa’s curated, weekday combo meals featuring signature dishes from their menu.

Hard core non-vegetarians, and for the love of food, we opted for the Sampoornam meal, each choosing between mutton and chicken.

The Poornam is a basic set meal with choice of 1 salad, 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 bread and curd rice. The Bhojanam is a mid-size meal with choice of 2 salads, 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 bread, curd rice and 1 biryani or flavored rice.

The Sampoornam consists of a choice of salad, 2 starters, and 2 mains with 2 types of rice, 1 bread and 1 dessert! Sounds simple? Let’s get to the details.

Rasam and Papad

The complimentary drink that is served at Savya Rasa is the Rasam! So fresh and full of flavors. Can tell that this was made from scratch! Perfect to cure that cold!


  • Raw Mango Kosambiri –Basically Kosambiri is a side salad, served in a Karnataka Thali spread. It is a blend of any raw vegetable and soaked lentils, with some coconut and then seasoned and tempered. Reminded me of the coconut –mango chutney made by mom!
  • Chinthamani Kozhi- Deep-fried golden brown roundels of minced chicken, chopped garlic, onions and green chilies. Pretty decent!
  • Kori Gassi – A rich and creamy chicken curry made from coconut milk, flavored with garlic and curry leaves – a Shetty household favorite. Dipping the neer dosa in it and savoring it was such a pleasure!
  • Neer Dosa – A delicate crêpe made with rice batter and coconut oil – a delicacy from the land of Tulu. Goes wonderfully well with almost anything, but nothing to beat its companion, the famous Gassi. BINGO!
  • Mosuranna – Fluffy steamed rice blended with fresh yoghurt, seasoned with mustard and dry red chilies, finished with grated carrots and nuts. This dish balances out the spice intake.
  • Kozhi Chatti Biryani – Tender pieces of chicken, pot-roasted and flavored with nutmeg, cinnamon and carom seeds, slow-cooked with short grain rice. This biryani had such an amazing flavor, that you just cannot stop eating.
  • Raitha (Onion)
  • Pallipalayam Kozhi – Pan-fried pieces of chicken, flavored with freshly ground masala, turmeric and finished with coconut slivers. A dish from the river banks of Kaveri. The flavors were so fresh here.
  • Karupatti Halwa – A melt in the mouth gelatinous sweet made with reduced palm sugar syrup, cooked with a mixture of rice flour, clarified butter and fried cashew nuts.

A part of the Chicken Sampoornam


  • Beetroot Kosambiri – Same as above, but with beetroot
  • Guntur Pandu Mirapakaya Kodi – A popular dish from the home of the famed Guntur chili, chicken marinated for four hours with a spicy red masala made of red chili powder, ginger and garlic. The spice was fresh and perfect!
  • Pollachi Kari Kuzhambu – Tender mutton pieces simmered with drumstick and aubergine, flavored with cinnamon, cardamom, fennel and black pepper – a Vellalar Gounder specialty.
  • Bun Parotta – A fluffy multilayered bread made with refined wheat flour, egg and butter cooked on a griddle – soul food!
  • Mosuranna
  • Kongu Mutton Biryani – Classic Kongu-style Biryani made with tender mutton pieces flavored with coconut milk.
  • Raitha (coconut)
  • Uppu Kari- Mutton cubes stir-fried with red chilies, cashew nuts, curry leaves and shallots.
  • Karupatti Halwa – Oh that piece of heaven!

Mutton Sampoornam

A MUST VISIT PLACE! Highly Recommended by the Pune Nightlife team. 

Look at the Variety
Beetroot Kosambiri


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