Raasta Cafe – NIBM Road: Setting the milestone 

Koregaon Park is full, Baner is almost filling up and now the new hotspot in town that is going to pick up fast is our very own NIBM and Undri. Rasta Cafe has added an extra star to this location by launching their third outlet here. This place is near home. We have always been a fan of Rasta Cafe at camp and found it as an amazing hangout. 

The Ambience 

Raasta Cafe, NIBM has a very vibrant look and is different from the other two outlets. White walls with caricatures make the whole place look very sketchy and fresh. You can enjoy the view of the entire city from this roof top bar, yet feel like you in a peaceful far away place enjoying the amazing view. Yes! This place is huge with high chairs on one side where you can enjoy this view, well spaced out center tables and some lovely cabanas. We just loved the ambience! 

Some fabulous cocktails

You get some really refreshing cocktails here, even the mojitos had many variants. We tried the Orange Basil Mojito, this was just too fresh! Next up was the Dreadlock Mojito which was a mix of white rum, dark rum, passion fruit and mint. This drink was a clear winner, we could go on and on with this drink. Most of the drinks here are reasonable and priced between 180 to 550 rupees. 


Crunchy Watermelon and Feta Salad with toasted nuts: A decent one, the dressing was a little too strong. 

Tempura Fried Prawns: Japanese tempura fritters served with wasabi mayo and malt vinegar. This one was divine with a nice crunch on the outside and really soft fresh jumbo prawns inside. I love it when restaurants use fresh prawns instead of the frozen ones, it makes a big difference in the tenderness of the meat. 

Kheema Pao: an all time favourite, plus we love the way its served in the colourful ‘dabba’. Comfort food this is. 

Charcoal Grilled Chicken Naanza: The Naanza with chicken tikka, a good accompaniment with the alcohol. 

Herb and Butter Grilled Chicken: The chicken was done well with a great flavour. This was served with grilled vegetables and mashed potatoes, which could have been a little creamier in texture. 

Note: They were out of stock of mutton that day unfortunately, so we couldn’t try anything in the red meat. But heard they are good and we will definitely go back and try them. 


We had the Sizzling Brownie which came with a chocobar on top instead of the regular vanilla ice cream and the New York Style Cheesecake. Both the deserts were pretty decent, just the cheesecake was a bit dry. 

We are just glad that well known joints like these are opening in this side of town, changing the landscape of the area. Truly a happening place! We definitely recommend Raasta Cafe, NIBM Road for the ambience and the value for money food and drinks! 

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