Celebrate St Patrick’s Day!

It’s the time of year when you want to paint the city green. You heard us right! Yes, it’s St Patrick Day. Get ready to catch an Irish experience as your favorite neighborhood pub The Irish House will go green, with Green Beer, awesome food, drinking games, and a great vibe only on March 17 at The Irish House. Entry, as always, is free!

Step into The Irish House and you will find yourself in a St Patrick’s Day mode as the pub has planned some amazing activities for you. Start with some green beer from the tap which will be priced only at Rs 75 all through the day along with happy hours on all the Irish Drinks. Which means you get a Jameson, or any of the Irish cocktails like Irish Coffee, Irish Trash Can, Irish Mule, etc with a buy one, get one deal all day long! Dig into some of the most delicious food from the all new menu that includes innovative new appetizers, grills, warm bowls, pizzas and exciting new cocktails.

While you are boozing the Irish way, kiss your three clover leaf for some Irish luck and play some drinking games with your friends. Stack cups in a pyramid formation and stand a chance to win a free beer voucher. Don’t forget to be the fastest! Chug a liter of draught beer in 1 go. If you chug it, it’s on the house, plus you get a free beer voucher. If not, you pay for it as per price of a litre draught from the menu. Feed your ego or try your luck with the bartender playing simple games like coin toss, high card, or rock paper scissor and beat the bartender and win free green beers. Challenge yourself in the Man Vs game, where you win a free huge burger if you finish the same in 30 minutes and take home a cool certificate along! If you want to tell the world that you had a little Irish experience right in your city, then click selfies with your friends along with interesting Irish props at the St. Patrick’s themed photo booth. Since the theme of the festival is green, why not dress in Green? If you are, then you get a beer on the house! Sláinte!

When: March 17

Where: The Irish House, Viman Nagar

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