Bandcubator 2017 @ High Spirits Cafe Pune.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with incredible performances by 20 of the best bands from this side of the country at the Bandcubator 2017! Home-stretch & the Finals are finally upon us & this Sunday night as the competition comes down to 4 band’s who unleash their passion to fight it out & emerge victorious! The buzzing energy & the nail-biting tension is REAL because the prizes are gonna be life changing for the victors with 1.5 Lakhs in prize money, an EP recording deal with Cotton Press Studio, a Music video slot with 9XO, a 4-City tour with Mixtape & of course some serious visibility & bragging rights hanging on the line! 
The finalists are-
Scriptures In The Attic (Pune)-
Show up, lend your support & vote for your favourite band!
Come home to the High!
Name: Kingfisher Ultra Presents Bandcubator 2017
Finals: 02nd April 2017
Time : 08:00 PM onwards
Venue : The High Spirits Cafe Koregaon Park, Pune.
Entry: Rs. 150 per head

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