Short film Fridays at The Flour Works

Cyrus Dastur and Shamina – The Short Film Club, is back with another exciting bouquet of internationally acclaimed short films to fill your summer evenings with excitement. Relish the newly-launched menu at The Flour Works, and sit back to enjoy the especially-curated shorts amidst great food and camaraderie.  

 Stutterer: A film about a young man with a stammer, a speech impediment which, in less politically correct times, has been the object of humour for some, but it is certainly not funny for its many sufferers.

Director: Benjamin Cleary | Duration: 15 min | Country: UK

*Oscar winner 2016

Henry: Henry, a great concert pianist, has his life thrown in turmoil the day the love of his life, Maria disappears mysteriously. He’ll then discover the inevitable verdict of life.

Director: Yan England | Duration: 22 min | Country: Canada

*Oscar Nominee 2013


Leela: A dreamy girl who can’t resign to accept reality as flat as she perceives it, hence she uses her imagination and her skills to modify it.

Director: Carlos L. | Duration: 13 min | Country: Spain

*Multi-Award winner 


When: Friday, April 7, 7.30 pm onwards

Where: The Flour Works, Kalyani Nagar

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