New Brazilian Music and Jazz by Daniel Marques and Mark Alban Lotz

Solo and Duo performance by the artists at Phoenix Marketcity Pune

Energetic Duo of Brazilian music and jazz, Daniel Marques and Mark Alban Lotz are ready to take you on an extravagant and thrilling musical adventure on Friday, 5th May 2017 at Phoenix Marketcity in Pune. Their composition is at the edge of Jazz and a colorful opus of Brazilian music inspired from the dynamics of Rio’s inner city life, vocal eruptions and various jungle sounds.

The musicians will present their work solo, and as a duo. The mystical composition of 7 string guitar and octaves of various flutes will be a crossover experience embracing the globe and celebrating life.

As a part of their multi-city tour in association with Recalling Roots and IRIS, the duo will be seen performing at selected places in Delhi and Mumbai too.

Event Details

Date: Friday, 5 May, 2017 | Time: 6 pm onwards

Venue: Liberty Square, Phoenix Marketcity Pune

Phone: 020 6689 0085

Entry: Free

About the artists

 Mark Alban Lotz

Raised in Thailand & Uganda, his appetite for musical adventures takes him all over the globe. A unique voice in an astounding range of musical contexts, exploring and redefining divergent traditions.

Acclaimed as much for his restless creativity & for his virtuosity as a player. Constantly working on and searching for new collaborations and recordings, resulting in an enormous broad output. Worked with a huge cast of artists over the last two decades, a reference as to what new grounds (jazz?) music is heading now.

He builds a bridge between jazz & contemporary music, often crossing borders with other music cultures of the world.

Daniel Marques

Daniel Marques (7 String guitar, Composition), hails from Rio de Janeiro and introduces the audience to a new contemporary language in the world of samba, choro, bossa-nova, Brazilian jazz encompassing many other Brazilian and universal rhythms.

He won the “Prêmio da Música Brasileira” as leader, producer and arranger in 2010, and The Akademia Music Awards (Los Angeles/New York). He was also listed in 2016 as one of the best instrumentalists

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