The Local Scene feat. Audio Freaks Project

The Local Scene is High Spiits’ initiative to provide a consistent platform for brilliant unsigned electronic acts who need to put their music out there. This Thursday’s line up is as follows-
Dr Quack:
Bio: Dr. Quake aka Ameya Bhanushali from Mumbai  is a  jungle connoisseur and always mixes it up with Jungle/Ragga Jungle tracks during his sets. Be it at the Starting of the night, a early Sundowner or ending the night off with his Liquid Bangers, Dr.Quake is a specialist in setting the perfect tone for that point of the night. Having taken a professional Music Production and Dj-ing course from the True School Of Music under the guidance of DJ URI and DJ REJI, He is also quite technically sound.
9oh and Bryan The Lion: 
Bio: Samad Rehman and Apurv Dogra, two Djs/ Music Producers from Mumbai started the 9oh & Bryan The Lion act a year ago.Their sound is not just computer programmed music but also the use of old analog synthesizers and instruments which have made the sound send a vibrational message to all. The music created by both the artists is a natural beautiful blend of their personalities and their musical influences.
Come home to the beat!
Entry: Rs. 100 per head
Date : Thursday, 11th May 2017
Time : 09:00 PM onwards
Venue : High Spirits, Koegaon Pak, Pune

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