Da Vintage High School Fete

The School Fete is the highlight of every kid’s experience in school every year! Re-live your childhood memories of all the fuss & excitement of your Annual school Fete at the Da Vintage High School Fete this Tuesday Night! The stalls & games which lit up your eyes then are now back with age appropriate prizes (Beer!) if you win! The Following are the games set up:

Smash The Cans- You get three chances to topple a pyramid of cans with a ball. Remember, you have to overturn every single can! Get your game-faces on!
Da High Hunter- You get 5 chances to shoot 3 Balloons. Give it a shot!
Fishing at Da High- This classic is exactly as you remember it! Fish the fish outta their pond & win some beers!
Da High Mini Golf- This one’s a hard one so the challenge is real! Putt the ball into hole & win!
Hey but that’s not just it! No High School Fete is complete without the accompanying sweet treats! Alcoholic Gola & Candyfloss for everybody this Tuesday night!
Come Home to the High! 
Entry: Rs. 200 per head
Date : Tuesday, 23rd May 2017
Time : 09:00 PM onwards
Venue: The High Spirits, Koregaon Park, Pune

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