Been to Papacream yet?

An Ice Cream place where you have a flavor for every palette!

Papacream – A place that makes handcrafted gourmet ice-cream, using liquid nitrogen. The ice creams are frozen instantly in front of the guests using natural, premium ingredients.

A must try here!

Butter Popcorn milkshake with fistfuls of butter popcorn blended with milk ice cream along with heaps of caramel popcorn thrown over the top. Enjoy this yummy way to get your daily dose of the otherwise dreaded milk!


Give the mouth-watering Pani Puri Sorbet at Papacream a try! 6 tiny puris filled with potato espuma along with a refreshing sweet and sour side of a Pani Puri infused Sorbet! Traditional, yet completely out of the box.

Paani Puri Sorbet

Very Berry Sundae – Blueberry ice-cream, cheesecake crumble, mixed berry compote and whipped cream on a red velvet papa waffle. Found this to be very refreshing.

Very Berry Sundae and Belgian Chocolate Sundae
Very Berry Sundae and Belgian Chocolate Sundae

We will definitely be going back to try the Hummus Ice-Cream and the Jumbo Doughwich.  

Papacream owner and entrepreneur, Tanvi Chowdhri studied Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Melon University. Despite a background quite different from hospitality, food has always been a passion for her. It was in her physics lab in college where she first experienced making ice cream using nitrogen.

Tanvi’s concept is to take one through the entire meal experience using ice cream. Papacream has both sweet and savory ice creams and the idea is to have appetizers, entrees and dessert all in the form of ice cream. Tanvi wanted to create a food theatrical experience for the consumers using state-of-the-art equipment. Having a background in technology she could design automated systems to dispense liquid nitrogen that instantly froze the ice cream hence making live ice creams possible. She always wanted to be a trendsetter in the Indian industry and was the pioneer of bubble waffles and quirky milkshakes such as the Butter Popcorn Milkshake in India. She wanted her customers to watch the ice creams come to life before their eyes. To do this she made sure that the store was planned with an open counter. Health is an important facet to her and thus she makes sure that ice creams are made fresh right before the customer using premium natural ingredients with no artificial colors, essence or preservatives.

After the success of her first store in Churchgate in 2015, Tanvi has set up another store in Andheri and Juhu and is all set to open her next store in Pune, to expand her target base. She has also started catering for high-end events including wedding catering, has a large variety of personalised gifting options for all occasions and is in the process of expanding pan India.

ADDRESS: Shop 7, Nalini Chambers, Dhole Patil Road, Pune

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