The Pune Gay Pride March is back on June 11 this year, bringing hundreds of revelers to JM Road. This is the 7th queer pride march, and this year it’s all about accepting queer and straight as one.Back in December 2011 Pune organized its first queer march where only 100 people showed up. It was a simple event with no drama or flamboyance , and drove a simple point home- that gay or straight, everyone is the same- Human.

The theme for this year’s march is ‘acceptance by families of LGBTQ persons’, keeping in mind the fact that they deserve family support too, and being gay must not change that.

The theme of this year’s march is representative of how the community feels right now. Reaching out to loved ones for support has been difficult, and this march wishes to change that. This is the reason why they’ve reached out to non-members of the LGBT community too to take part in this parade.

The LGBT March This Year Will Have Non-LGBT Groups Leading The Way

By doing so, they will show the society that they have straight allies to support them, and this movement is no longer about the LGBT community alone. The organizers have also reached out to companies and colleges to garner more support from non-members of the LGBT community.

Which is why we want you to read this and go ahead to support them as they organize this parade. Anyone can attend this, irrespective of orientation. Show your support by attending the march on 11 June 2017. If you cannot attend this, you could also make a donation here

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