Tried out these new Cafes yet?

Yash Dawani steps out and tries out some new places opened up in Pune! 

The Earth Café

        A cozy and comfortable café for your evening hangout. The white French windows and the pleasing décor negate the effect of the summer heat. They also have outdoor seating , which can be a difficult choice during peak summer. But this place can be beautiful during winters. They welcomed us with a complimentary jam and bread platter. All the jams were made in house and were of unique flavour. A special mention for the “Earthizza”, which is a pizza prepared with naan as its base. An Indian twist on one of our favourite Italian dish! Now moving on to the highlight of The Earth Café – sushi! The smoked salmon sushi has a very distinct flavour of dill cream cheese which is served with spiced apple jam. The delicious food, along with the reasonable pricing in the prime location of Koregaon Park indeed makes this place a bargain deal.

The Earth Cafe (image 1)


Café Mocha

Café Mocha is back with a bang after Starbucks took over its previous location. The newly located café still keeps the ambiance of our beloved hangout spot.The new Mocha will remind you of your college days and the nostalgia kicks in. The menu is extensive! This is one main difference from the old Mocha. You have a proper lunch and dinner menu here now! There is  Indian, Oriental and Italian to choose from. The mocha chicken wings are highly recommended and it surely lives up to its reputation. These chicken wings are tossed with a spicy sriracha sauce and served with sour cream. The freak shakes at mocha are the talk of the town. You must have seen these monstrous milkshakes on Snapchat and Instagram too. The freak shakes are available in four different flavours and you may have to awaken the inner freak in you to finish one of these humongous creations by yourself. Overall, Café Mocha does have a good variety to offer,  but the pricing is slightly on the steeper side and the service could be a tad bit faster. However if you compare it to a high-end coffee chain, its worth the money!

Mocha (image 2)



Tvum is your go to restaurant, if you are craving authentic North Indian and South Indian cuisine. The atmosphere at Tvum is quiet and peaceful. It has a very subtle décor and one is surrounded by luscious greenery. This tranquil atmosphere is just what you need after a long day. They cook recipes which are heritage and in some cases recipes which are lost through the journey of time. The ingredients of each recipe are sourced carefully and all masalas are ground using time honoured traditions and equipment. The end result should be food that nurtures you and food that is soul warming. Tvum deviates from your run of the mill dishes and they serve dishes from various parts of India. One of the starters which grabbed my attention was the arbituk which is a Sindhi home-style crispy fried colocasia root patty, napped with amchoor and spices, served with a sai (green) chutney. Another interesting dish was Amba Qaliya which is a recipe of the Jehangir era in which mutton and raw mangoes are cooked together. Amba Qaliya gives a tangy twist to your ordinary mutton curry. I would also recommend ditching chapatis and opting for appam instead. It is a must-visit place for the plethora of new dishes it serves but all good things come at a cost. 

Tvum (image 3)


About the Writer: 

Yash Dawani is our youngest writer! He loves exploring new cafes and restaurants. He has a keen interest in sports, be it watching or playing. Yash is an enthusiastic kid and has a great interest in learning new things. 

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