COCO stole my heart!

Let me start with this line! I am in LOVE with this place!

Not a sushi person, but I love this place!

Coco Sushi Bar is the newest entry in town. But the concept of this place is unlike any other any other resto-lounge in Pune. This is the FIRST members-only resto-bar in the city!

The concept is by Kunal Mhaske, a well-known restaurateur in Pune, who already has successfully established brands like Raasta Café & Penthouze in the city.

A lot of the like-minded party going audience has taken a step down when it comes to weekend hangouts. They prefer the privacy of a house party where they know the group of people they are hanging out with. When we step out nowadays, this is a miss.

To break the clutter Kunal came up with this concept of a ‘members only’ club. Thank God for exclusivity and lets hope the long lost nightclub culture gets back! The membership is based on recommendations only. This will be a space where the crème de la crème meet, bond, dine, party, network with each other and have a good time being in their comfort zone with familiar faces around.


Classy black, metallic gold and starry lights is what you see as you enter COCO. This place is done up so well! You get a spectacular view of the city from this bar, located on the 12th floor of ONYX towers. There are comfortable couches, high tables & chairs, a private dining area for guests and two outdoor spaces on its either side overlooking the vast expanse of the city.

The logo of COCO which is a gold bee has become the talk of the town. This bee has already buzzed it way into our head. 


COCO Sushi & Bar opens for dining on all evenings of the week except Mondays while the club nights will be on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, 1130 pm onwards.

Members can make reservations for their guests for dining from their registered mobile number, but will need to accompany the guests for club nights.


The cuisine at COCO is Asian and has a delectable range of bar bites and appetizers. Chef Jugal Pradhan, Consulting Chef at COCO says, “The menu will be extensively sushi based, which denotes a generic term for all or any appetizers at COCO. Right from the soups, salads, dimsums, dumplings, nigiris, sashimis, the portions are customized to individual servings and to offer a variety.”

Getting down to what we tried. Once again, the entire team at PNL are not sushi lovers, how I wish we had atleast one. But this trial at COCO makes me want to go back and try more. LOVED IT!

EBI SUSHI ROLLS – with tanuki prawns and sesame- a bite of this and that is where the love story began! 

POP CHICKEN SUSHI ROLLS – panko crumbed chicken rolled up: This was a complete twist of a sushi. Loved the way how a bar bite like pop chicken was infused into this.


WILD MUSHROOMSUSHI ROLLS – mountain mushrooms with tongarashi – Vegetarians! This is one fabulous dish!


CHICKEN SHIITAKI DUMPLINS –Beautiful translucent dumplings! One look at this dish and we knew this would be a brilliant preparation.


CRISPY LOTUS STEM – A highly recommended dish and an ideal choice if you like that crunch and tanginess in your food. This is a must try.


BURNT CHILLI FISH CRACKERS – Smoked chilli fish with topped on kroepok udang. We specially asked for this from the menu. An addictive dish, you cannot stop with just one.


BALINESE CHICKEN SATE – Tossed in a fresh peanut sauce. What I liked about this was the satay was bite size pieced, unlike when you regularly have to embarrass yourself biting a piece out! The chicken was soft with a good flavouring of lemongrass. The dis was served with Tanouki

The food was enjoyed with a glass of red wine.

TENDER COCONUT MOUSSE- Wow what creativity goes behind prapring desserts. This mouse was served in a white chocolate cup which looked like a coconut. The mousse was light and fluffy, however fresh tender coconut would have made a big difference in the taste.

Overall COCO- Sushi and Bar is a must visit place. The general perception is that this place must be really expensive, but that’s not true! Truly value for money. Also the captain knew what we should try, what drink goes along with our food and the basics of each item on the menu. He even explained to us why it is spelled ‘Sate’ on the menu card and not ‘Satay. Such enthusiasm and knowledge are always appreciated.

My last line for COCO – I am definitely going back again and again here!


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