Awaken Your Chakras With Yoga & Music

Celebrate the yogi in you this International Yoga Day, with an extraordinary experience of  awakening your chakras through music! Urban Yoga and Total Yoga present ‘Chakras Rising’, a 70-minute masterclass experience of exploring one’s spiritual side, by performing asanas, pranayam and meditation specific to each chakra in resonance with their corresponding musical vibrations through live music.

Chakras Rising is the first of its kind concept in the world. It focuses on each chakra for 10 minutes, in an ascending order from Mooladhar to Sahasraar Chakra; and then combines the asanas and the visualisation meditations to live music. The live music is created based on the frequencies of the Chakras by Anant Menon, who has been a Blues Guitar player for two decades. So, come Sunday, and be part of this unique yoga experience.

When: Sunday, June 18, 8 AM – 10 AM 

Where: Phoenix Market City, Viman Nagar

To register, call: 97409 80200

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