Kheer Delight @ LKD

Remember the Kuch meetha ho jaye, ad commercial?

We love our food and we love our desserts more!

Desserts signifies happiness and celebrations!

And the 2 weeks young baby in Aundh, ITI road right outside Starbucks is La Kheer Deli (LKD) is here to do the same. The happy siblings Shivang Sood and Shivika Sood love their mum’s Kheer and they want everyone else to love it too.


Before we talk about their venture, quick trivia or some interesting facts about one of my fav dessert-KHEER!

Kheer (Hindi), Payesh ( Bengali), Payasam( Malayam), Payasa (Kannada) is derived from the word ‘ksheer’ which means milk. It’s generally served in temples, festivals and special occasions in hot and cold form. We Bengalis also add gur (jaggery) and it’s called Gurer payeesh, the jaggery is special and not found easily in Pune, that’s the twist.

Coming back to LKD- they serve four variants of Kheer- Dryfruits, Nutelloreo, Gulkand & Walnut Brownie.

The setup is on the wheels and while you pass that lane, this will definitely attract your attention- Kudos to the branding. The color combination, creatives and one liners on the cart are amazing! Credits to the creative genes in Shivika who is inclined toward artistic pleasures in life.

My first question to the siblings was why Kheer?

And the answer was simple ‘ We are fond of our mum’s kheer since toddlers, we asked her to experiment with some ingredients and it turned to be awesome’– so why not share it with fellow foodies?

Yes, Mrs. Sood makes the Kheer and walnut brownies ( will come to this little later) all by herself. It’s freshly made over the weekends, as the outlet is operational from 8 to 11 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday- Happy weekends!

We tried the most popular Nutelloreo- It’s a combination of nutella and soft oreo- if you love chocolate, this is just the right indulgence for you- Loved it!

We were there around 9.30 PM and the stock within an hour’s time was over! Now you know the fan following of this chocolate monster – yeah, on the backside of the container there are some cute characters which just adds to the happiness quotient.

I was curious to try the Gulkand one, as the inclusion of Gulkand in any form is tricky. Full marks to the attempt- it has the right combination of sweetness, every bite you get the essence of gulkand, plus the rose petals and dry-fruits, nothing is overpowering, in fact they all compliment each other perfectly.

Brownie..Brownie- my eyes were glued to this cute little thing on the cart- Walnut brownie which is available in egg and egg-less form. As I unwrapped it, first thing noticed was the freshness- quite liked it.


What’s the score on the board?

Firstly appreciate the ‘Concept’ and ‘Innovation’ experimenting with something so simple and special as a Kheer.

Bang on in terms of the location selection, busy street- families, friends- It’s loved by one and all.


Loved the branding on the cart and containers.


Best part there’s no compromise on the quality- in terms of the rice, milk, dry-fruits, and other ingredients – top notch variant.


No, it doesn’t end here – they are here to #MakePuneShineGreen– They give you a small packet of seeds which you need to germinate and make Pune one of the Greenest and Cleanest city- the container can be reused for the same purpose- Impressive and thoughtful. – Eat Kheer- Plant Trees- Repeat!


My suggestion: I would have loved the brownie to be a little more sweeter and addition with vanilla ice-cream on it would be welcoming.

What’s the cost of these sinful indulgence?

They vary from Rs 50 to 100- though the size of the container might appear small at the first instance- the preparation is rich delicious and filling.
My sweet tooth will soon take me to this place very soon.

If you love sweet like me, or need a quick dessert after a heavy meal or want to try something new- LKD is there to serve you and satisfy your Dessert cravings.

Thank you Sood Fam for hosting us, apart from my mum’s payeesh- now I have one more place to relish a unique variant of Kheer.

Kheer Bina Chain Kaha re!

*Happy owners even posed for the Shutterbugs*


Contributing Writer: Anu Banerjii

Anu is a Bong by genes,Punekar by birth, Media professional by choice and Foodie by heart. Food Blogging for her is not being a critic, but it’s all about relishing the flavours to the fullest, thereby share experience. 

Apart from work, Anu is an ardent King Khan Fan who spends her productive time by doing warli painting, practicing tarot and the food exploration continues. 

Follow Anu’s food journey here-

Drooling photographs on Instagram handle: anu_ka_adda

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