Prepare to Sizzle in the monsoon drizzle at Hyatt Pune!

There is just no better time than the monsoons to indulge in piping hot frizzling sizzlers. There’s a slight nip in the air and the mood is all dreamy and cozy. And while it drizzles outside, let your taste buds sizzle inside The Hyatt, Pune.  Baan Tao and Eighty Eight bring you a month long Indian, Continental and Pan Asian sizzler fiesta to satisfy your foodie cravings. A unique mix of aromas and flavors carefully selected by Hyatt’s culinary team to tease and please your palate. Bask in the grand show, smoky flavor of the spices and the sizzling sounds of luscious sauces that make Sizzlers the perfect comfort food for monsoons. Delight in a wide range of appetizing sizzlers such as Wok tossed salt and pepper  prawns tossed with mint, Corn Niblets with Sijara Chili – a vegetarian delicacy that gives corn a tangy smoky flavour and  rich, authentic Cajun Prawns flavored with Cajun spices made in-house. Not enough? Take charge and build your own sizzler. Choose from a wide range of non vegetarian and vegetarian ingredients with the perfect accompaniment of vegetables and sauces of your choice. Come and surrender yourself to a world of mouth watering and irresizztible treats!

When: 01 July -31 July 2017

Where: Baan Tao and Eighty Eight, Hyatt Pune Kalyani Nagar, Next to Aga Khan Palace         

Call: 8806751234 / 02041411234

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