Pamper your senses with Mud Therapy at Hyatt Pune!

It is said that Cleopatra took trips to the Dead Sea and coated herself with its Mud as part of her beauty regime. Taking a leaf out of the wisdom of the wise; Hyatt SPA brings to you a natural and herbal ‘Mud Therapy’ to rejuvenate and heal you this Monsoon.Mud takes on a whole new meaning here, representing a living substance with powerful curative properties. A venerated health tradition based on the warm, external application of mud helps in absorbing toxins from human body and is thus useful in preventing many diseases. It’s also known for its healing properties resulting in relaxing the body as you unwind and detoxify emerging renewed and refreshed.

Mud Therapy is a strong anti-stress treatment, which helps you achieve a younger feel and fitter lifestyle. Experience the best Mud Therapy at Hyatt SPA and indulge in this new tradition of luxury living.

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