Trash Cooking Class with Arina Suchde at 212 All Day Cafe & Bar

A session on how to cook sustainably from root to fruit. Saving Earth one home kitchen at a time.

The Japanese call it Mottainai – a sense of guilt that follows wastage. At 212 All Day, we are celebrating and showcasing the spirit of mottainai with our very first workshop in Pune on sustainable home cooking – ‘Trash Cooking Class with Arina Suchde’.

Arina & the chefs at 212 All Day will be showcasing to guests some innovative techniques to minimize wastage in the kitchen. Different methods of recycling food waste will be demonstrated in this session to provide a brand new perspective on viewing an ingredient as a whole.

The topic of food waste has always been a global concern and seeing food being wasted makes us all cringe. What no one realizes is that food waste starts in the kitchen, even before we begin cooking. A Chef and Mixologist, Arina specializes in healthy culinary art and will be showcasing how to use the ingredients that are commonly perceived as waste. Simple, quick recipes including corn silk tea, carrot skin pesto, broccoli stem carpaccio, tepache – the Mexican party favourite mocktail made using pineapple rind & peel – and much more.

In addition to giving back to the environment by minimizing wastage, you are even consuming things that are good for your gut, for example, did you know corn silk is actually the healthiest part of the fruit? Packed with Vitamin C this soon-to-be super food is often just a by-product of every corn dish. 

All healthy and wholesome, nothing will go waste in this kitchen. Join us on Sunday, July 9th for an exciting session on learning to use ingredients the way you’ve never used before! After all saving Planet Earth starts with each one of us.


For Registrations Call: , +91 20 66890689

Date of the workshop: 9th July 2017, Sunday

Venue212 All Day, Phoenix Marketcity, Viman Nagar 

Time: 4 pm to 6 pm

Workshop Priced At: Rs. 1,000/- All Inclusive, followed by refreshments

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